Frequency Converters

For over 30 years Piller has supplied ground power systems for both military and civil applications. Through continual research and development of our products we guarantee a high level of flexibility in meeting clients' demands, however complex.

In the field of 400Hz frequency converters, Pillers ground power equipment such as the APOJET AJS, the APOJET AJR and the APOJET AJT can be found in operation at major airports throughout the world. Piller provides customised solutions for each project which include the design of the 400Hz cable layout, calculation of the 400Hz voltage drop, planning of the cabling and installation and matching the interfaces between system components. Piller specialists ensure operating personnel of all Piller products are fully trained.

In addition, Piller has supplied numerous 50/60Hz ground power systems for shipping and military applications. Through continual research and development a high level of flexibility is guaranteed in meeting clients' requirements. Piller Motor Generator Sets with full digital control and the Piller rotary UNIBLOCK UBSF frequency converter can be relied upon for maximum performance. 

50 / 60 Hz Frequency Converters

400 Hz Frequency Converters