Data Hosting & IT

With the ever-increasing significance of IT systems, many off the world’s data hosting, search engine and cloud-based IT organisations rely on Piller technology to protect their servers and prevent service interruption in the event of an outage.

Data centre developers and operators in IT Hosting/Colocation services provide independent, high availability, facilities where cost effective, trustworthy UPS systems are an essential part of the critical infrastructure.

Piller UPS systems can be scaled to suit changing lease commitments, operating at highly efficient levels with optimised capital investment for each stage of the organisation’s development.

Space-saving, reduced maintenance battery-free solutions or battery based options can be accommodated within the same facility, providing a solution to meet every demand.

Piller solutions are far less likely to fail than other systems, lowering total cost of ownership by up to 40%, minimising environmental impact and saving on build costs.