Data Hosting & IT

With the ever-increasing importance of IT systems many data hosting, search engine and IT organisations rely on Piller to provide protection for their servers in order to prevent service interruption and data loss should an outage occur.  Data centre developers and operators provide independent, high availability, colocation services where seamless UPS integration forms a critical part of their infrastructure. In this instance Piller utilises a UNIBLOCK™ diesel rotary UPS unit to supply a state-of-the-art Isolated Parallel Bus electrical distribution scheme that offers a redundant and scalable solution. 

Space-saving battery-free solutions or battery based options that meet end user demands can be accommodated within the same facility and even within the same electrical system.  As businesses come to rely more and more on web-based solutions, e-commerce and cloud technologies Piller is proving to be an ideal strategic partner with the experience to provide the protection these power sensitive operations demand.