Energy Storage Flywheels and Battery Systems

Battery-Free Solutions

Piller is a market leader of kinetic energy storage ranging up to 60MJ+ per unit. The Piller POWERBRIDGE™ storage systems have unique design techniques employed to provide high energy content with low losses. These energy stores can be configured singularly or in parallel with a variety of Piller UPS units to facilitate a wide range of power-time combinations.

The POWERBRIDGE™ is a highly compact, efficient and practical replacement for conventional batteries. The unit can deliver power above 3MW and provide 1MW of electrical power for over 60 seconds. This extraordinary achievement with very low losses and a minimal maintenance.

Advantages and Benefits


Common batteries, both sealed and flooded, are a widely utilized source of back up energy storage for Piller power quality systems. Solutions can include battery cabinets. Piller offers comprehensive monitoring and maintenance to assure reliable battery operation and to prolong their life. Services are turnkey, including removal, installation, testing and reporting.