As the only company in the world manufacturing rotary and static UPS technologies with both kinetic energy storage and battery storage options, Piller has the unique flexibility to configure a vast range of power protection, switching and conversion products into solutions that match the precise requirements of clients.

Rotary UPS

Piller rotary UPS solutions are built around the renowned UNIBLOCK™ system, delivering outputs from 150kVA to 50MVA in both independent and diesel-coupled configurations. The UNIBLOCK UBT+offers up to 97% efficiency and highest reliability with state-of-the-art technology, unique design and versatile options in either conventional UPS or DeRUPS™configurations, whilst the equally reliable UBTD+ diesel-coupled unit produces the most space-efficient power supply possible.

Battery-Free Solutions

Piller is a market leader of kinetic energy storage ranging from 3.6MJ up to 60MJ+ per unit. The Piller POWERBRIDGE™ and Active Power CleanSource® storage systems have unique design techniques employed to provide high energy content with low losses. These energy stores can be configured singularly or in parallel with a variety of Piller UPS units to facilitate a wide range of power-time combinations. Piller’s Critical Power Module (CPM) has been designed with the needs of the modern data centre in mind, allowing designers maximum creativity for modular solutions where the need for space-saving and minimised service intervention is paramount. The Active Power CleanSourCe® UPS system exhibits efficiencies up to 98% and is available in both single module and unique modular systems.Piller’s latest innovation, the POWERBRIDGE™ PB60+,is the World’s largest, commercially available kinetic energy store, delivering from 3MJ to over 60MJ of power and can even provide 1MW of ride-through power for over 60 seconds.

Static UPS

Piller’s Static UPS solutions offer economical ways to ensure secure, continuous power supply. The APOSTAR Static UPS ranges from 3kVA to 400kVA, engineered to deliver greater real power protection to the most demanding applications.