CPM 300/360 Critical Power Module

The new UPS concept for power protection in data centres

The Piller CPM, is a new concept in UPS technology, that is beginning to revolutionise power protection in colocation data centres, delivering substantially higher revenue flows, dramatic space savings and significantly reduced total cost of ownership.

Conceived, designed and built in response to the challenges faced by data centre owners and operators, Piller’s CPM system delivers:

Using kinetic energy located on the floor itself, the CPM provides constant power and ride-through, with significant reduction of footprint and operating costs. The CPM also eliminates the need for maintenance of space-hungry battery storage systems.

Benefits of CPM for data centres:

Lower maintenance costs and longer service life are among many reasons for data centre operators to consider the Piller CPM as a logical alternative to traditional lead/acid chemical battery systems.

Recent test results are an ample demonstration of the efficiency advantages of the CPM over traditional static, battery systems.

In addition, modern diesel generators are ideally suited to kinetic stored energy systems, providing the ideal combination of power protection and performance.

To find out more about the Piller CPM, the advanced kinetic power store designed specially for data centres, email info@piller.com or contact your local Piller office today.