UNIBLOCK UBT - Rotary UPS from 400 kVA to 1670 kVA

The UNIBLOCK UBT UPS system is uniquely engineered to optimise the combination of UNIBLOCK rotary UPS design with a battery or with an integrated  flywheel that stores and releases kinetic energy to bridge any power outages. Voltage regulation, power factor correction and harmonic attenuation are in accordance with rotary UPS standards set by the UNIBLOCK. Single machines sized 400 kVA to 1670 kVA can be paralleled for redundancy and added capacity.



  • Rotary UPS from 400kVA up to 50MVA

  • Redundant on-board power supplies

  • Leading and lagging output power factor without derating

  • Unlimited crest factor and 100% load step capability

  • Inherent fault clearing ability for short circuit faults without bypass

  • Very high efficiency

  • Virtual unity input power factor

  • Natural sine-wave output 99% input/output harmonic isolation

  • Medium voltage option available

  • Highest reliability