The Piller UNIBLOCK UBT+ is a UPS system with state of the art technology. The unique design with versatile options make the UBT+ perfectly suited for existing or new installations.
The UBT+ is giving highest efficiency and performance with minimum components and combines the benefits of all different power supply configurations for short term or long term bridging, with standby generator or with cogeneration. The UBT+ can be used in low and medium voltage applications, cooling can be by air or chilled water, ride through storage can be batteries or flywheel.

Single machines sized 500 kW up to 2700 kW can be paralleled standard or IP-Bus configurations for redundancy and added capacity.


Rotary UPS from 500 kW up to 40 MW
Highest reliability
Highest efficiency, up to 97%
Economic Power Management,
Number of active units in a parallel system is automatically adapted to the load level
Total Design Flexibility
Free choice of standby Gensets
Medium voltage option available
Water cooling available using building chilled water
Battery- or flywheel backed versions
More than 3 times longer bridging time from Piller kinetic energy storage than with any other commercially available flywheel system
Redundant on-board power supplies
Leading and lagging output power factor without derating
100% load step capability even in Genset operation
Inherent fault clearing ability for short circuit faults without bypass
Virtual unity input power factor
99% input/output harmonic isolation