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Active Power's CleanSource UPS, Modular Power, and Modular IT systems have a proven record of solving the most important data center power problems. When compared with alternate systems, our flywheel-based products lower your total cost of ownership by 40%, are 12x less likely to fail, and reduce environmental impact by 90%.


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Why Active Power for Data Centers

40% TCO Savings

Total cost of ownership (TCO) is the key metric in determining the economic value of your UPS. Active Power’s solutions are designed to deliver the lowest possible TCO compared to legacy battery-based solutions – up to 40% lower TCO over your facility’s life. Our systems will save you millions over 15 years.

  • Integrated solution – saves on installation and support infrastructure
  • Highest efficiency – up to 98% energy efficient with full power quality protection
  • Permanent energy storage – no batteries to install, monitor, service, or replace

12 Times Less Likely to Fail

The first job of a data center is to stay online. To that end, your UPS should improve the reliability of your data center, and not put it more at risk. With CleanSource UPS, the flywheel is spinning constantly, storing kinetic energy. When called upon during a utility outage, the flywheel is ready to assume the load. By contrast, battery failures are the leading cause of UPS load loss and system downtime. Consequently, Active Power’s UPS system is proven 12 times less to likely to fail than a battery-based system.

90% Less Environmental Impact

Data centers are inherently energy-intensive – consuming up to 50 times the electricity per square foot than a standard office space. That energy can generate a tremendous amount of pollution and carbon emissions from fossil-fuel based power plants. Battery-based UPS’s waste too much electricity, and require thousands of pounds of lead to be installed, replaced, and recycled over their life.

Active Power’s solution can help. Energy efficiency and permanent energy storage combine to make Active Power the smart and responsible choice for the environment, saving thousands of tons of carbon from being emitted:

  • Up to 90% less carbon used to manufacture of our flywheel vs lead-acid batteries
  • 40% less carbon emitted over the life of the product

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For more detailed information about how Active Power solves data center power problems, view or download our full “Power Solutions for Data Centers” presentation.

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