Piller power supply and protection for next generation Edge data centres

Edge computing data centres represent the next stage in the evolution of data access, processing, storage and security.

Edge data centre deployments are being used to manage Industrial IoT workloads in the manufacturing and process industry sectors; IoT use on road and rail infrastructure such as smart motorways, trackside and at train stations; In airport and seaport hubs; In Power generation and distribution; As part of 5G infrastructure in base stations and cell towers and on all telecoms networks; Throughout Smart Cites.

Vast data volumes are being generated for applications such as localised traffic management of autonomous vehicles, in retail, through 4k mobile video, and in smart buildings.

Some forecasts point to 80% of data processing moving to some form of Edge environment in the next five years. 

Edge data centres are generally smaller facilities that exist at the edge of the network. They are characterised by autonomous operation, low or no touch maintenance, physical security and stable uninterruptable power supply. They are designed to deliver seamless, ultra-low latency computing of large volumes of typically real time data as close to the source as practically possible.

Edge data centres are being rolled out in every conceivable location from sports stadia to retail parks and often with extremely rapid deployment.  

In telecoms and broadcast fifth generation mobile networks will deliver 100Gbps download and 10Gbps download requiring data centres to be located in close proximity to the consumer and commercial users. 

Faster data transfer rates are being used to extend the reach of the internet with data transfer speeds approaching those of hard-wired systems and Edge computing will be the interface between those networks and Cloud computing.  

For Edge data centres to economically provide more expansive services on an on-demand real-time basis, they must be unmanned, exhibit extremely high availability and offer remote access to monitor the performance of the supporting infrastructure.

The Piller CPM 300 has been designed to address the UPS demand in an Edge data centre and is matched perfectly for use with a modern generator or for standalone operation. 

It offers a one box solution with built-in dependable energy storage and state-of-the-art efficiencies in all operating modes. Batteries are not required, eliminating one of the more intense maintenance elements of other systems, the operating temperature range is wider, often eliminating the need for additional cooling and the system can be rapidly deployed without the need for any additional assembly.

With secure access for the remote monitoring the user can the operating status of every Piller CPM through the use of mobile IOS and Android devices, anywhere in the world, anytime. 

Simplicity, reliability and resilience are the hallmarks of any Edge data centre.  Piller CPM power supply and protection matches these needs exactly.