Hana Banks on Piller Technology

IPBus chosen for next generation South Korean data center

Hana Bank, one of the largest banks in South Korea and the Pacific Rim, has chosen Piller's innovative Isolated Parallel Bus (IPBus) system to power-protect its next-generation Data Center in Cheongna, South Korea.

Piller’s UPS solution ensures that the servers in the seven-storey 30,194m² (325,000 sq.ft.) data center, being built by the US contractor DPR, support the banking application 24/7.

To achieve this, the application is power-protected by eight Piller UNIBLOCK UBTD+ Diesel Rotary UPS (DRUPS) units configured to Piller's IPBus system, which provides an extremely powerful and multi-functional UPS solution.

The IPBus concept offers a fully redundant, concurrently maintainable and fault tolerant power supply configuration with full support of A/B-loads. At the same time, it also allows for significant savings to be made in UPS units, contributing to the system's efficiency, whilst also making it comparable with the most reliable of Tier 4 system configurations.

Palaniappan Muthuraman, Managing Director, Piller Singapore:

“There were several reasons why Piller’s IPBus technology was selected, including its performance capabilities, total cost of ownership and the company’s strong local support service. By embracing such technologies the Hana Financial Group has created a data center that is truly next generation in South Korea.”

The data centre now forms part of the Hana Financial Town, which is situated on 247,000m² of land in Cheongna International City, with further development planned for the site, including a human resource development center and the Group's headquarters.
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Piller DRUPS and unique Isolated-Parallel Bus solution delivers high power security along with low lifetime operational costs

Perspective of the Hana Data Center in Cheongna, South Korea (*source: DPR)

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