Piller mission critical technology for Naval deployment

Piller has been a key supplier partner in the field of naval technology since 1965. Piller supplies mains generators and charging generators for both conventional and nuclear powered submarines and surface vessels. For corvettes and frigates, Piller mains generators provide electrical supply for on-board general supply systems, high performance power protection systems and converters.

Piller’s rotary and static frequency converters, on-board UPS systems, special purpose DC motors, brushless charging and ship’s generators and alternators are specially designed for Naval applications.

Piller’s range of special purpose fans are used for standard boat ventilation and ventilation in the battery room on submarines. Piller frequency converters are designed with a compact housing, shock mounts and water or air cooled with emergency operation, control and power in modularised power stages. 

Piller is one of the world’s most respected names in the supply of Naval power technology.

Piller offers a comprehensive package of services that can be tailored to client specific requirements: Technical consultation, Operator training, Functional testing, Maintenance, Fault analysis and troubleshooting, Customer training, Remote system diagnosis and support, 24/7/365 emergency call out.

Operating in over 50 countries Piller supplies key sectors with power protection technology including  healthcare, banking, communications, airports and industrials.  

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