Airports and Aviation

Piller Power Systems for aircraft, runway lighting, terminal buildings, maintenance hangars, instrument landing systems and electronic display boards are in operation around the world.

Piller central systems supply ground electric power and protection at transportation hubs including major civilian airports and military airfields where efficient day-to-day operation relies upon the continuous availability of power quality.

Piller provides its airport, civilian airline, and military air force with a complete line of rotary and static (solid state) frequency converters and UPS systems as well as gate boxes, distribution panels and accessory equipment such as cable hoists and retrievers.

Piller electrically-coupled UPS UB-V systems for air side protection of runway lighting and navigation aids are deployed at many international airports. 

Installations include multiple 315kVA auto load sharing and paralleled Rotary APOJETS with distribution switchgear and regulated gate boxes. Piller’s AJT (line voltage regulator) has been selected by airlines to provide constant voltage without having to replace existing cables from the central power system. Piller builds low profile units in 28VDC as well as 20kVA to 315kVA 400Hz units that can be mobile or sited at the point of use for individual aircraft.

Piller is renowned for its dedication to client satisfaction by providing total support during design, installation and especially after commissioning. 

As one of the world’s leading UPS and frequency conversion suppliers, Piller understands the need to maintain power at all times, especially in times of utility outages or other crisis, ensuring power is always available to aircraft at civil or military installations.

Ensuring power is always available to aircraft at civil or military installations Piller supports its airport and aviation customers through teams of highly trained technicians strategically located around the world.

Piller offers a comprehensive package of services that can be tailored to client specific requirements: Technical consultation, Operator training, Functional testing, Maintenance, Fault analysis and troubleshooting, Customer training, Remote system diagnosis and support, 24/7/365 emergency call out.

Operating in over 50 countries Piller supplies key sectors with power protection technology including data hosting and IT, healthcare, banking, communications, airports and industrials

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