UNIBLOCK UBT+ Rotary UPS from 500kW up to 40MW

The Piller UNIBLOCK UBT+ is a UPS system with state-of-the-art technology. The unique design with versatile options makes the UBT+ perfectly suited for existing or new installations.

The UBT+ is giving the highest efficiency and performance with minimum components and combines the benefits of all different power supply configurations for short term or long term bridging, with standby generation or with cogeneration. The UBT+ can be used in low and medium voltage applications, cooling can be by air or chilled water, ride through storage can be batteries or flywheel.

Single machines sized 500kW up to 2.7MW can be paralleled in standard or IP-Bus configurations for redundancy and added capacity.

Single machines sizes from 500kW up to 2.7MW Paralleling up to 40MW
Highest efficiency, up to 97% Economic Power Management
Number of active units in a parallel system is automatically adapted to the load level Total Design Flexibility
Free choice of standby Gensets Medium voltage option available
Water cooling available using building chilled water Battery or flywheel backed versions
More than 3 times longer bridging time from Piller kinetic energy storage than with any other commercially available flywheel system Redundant on-board power supplies
Leading and lagging output power factor without derating 100% load step capability even in Genset operation
Inherent fault clearing ability for short circuit faults without bypass Virtual unity input power factor
99% input/output harmonic isolation

Principle of Operation

In a Piller UBT+, power is normally conditioned through the coupling choke, with the motorgenerator (MG) continuously operating. The MG set, acting as a rotating transformer has four primary functions: In normal operation, it serves to provide a charging path for the ride-through source, which can be either batteries or a POWERBRIDGE™ kinetic energy store. It also provides reactive power to the load so that the UPS input is at near unity power factor without the need for unreliable power capacitors. In fact, power capacitors are eliminated from the UPS altogether. In emergency mode, the power flow instantly reverses through the MG set and the ride-through source provides the active power to the load. The MG set continues to provide the reactive power and now also becomes the sole source of current for load-side fault clearing, avoiding the need for any reliance on bypass operation. All of this power flow management is handled through the coupling choke which in turn allows for a very wide input voltage deviation whilst maintaining narrow tolerances at the output. 

The UNIBLOCK™ Motor-Generator

At the heart of every Piller rotary UPS lies the preeminent UNIBLOCK™ synchronous motor-generator with its unique low-distortion, high fault-clearing characteristics. Inside the UNIBLOCK™ machine, motor and generator windings share a common stator and a single brushless rotor provides a highly compact double winding machine with special electrical characteristics. The combination of special electric steel and combined stator windings gives rise to a machine with exceptional efficiency whilst delivering the sub-transient reactance required for low harmonic distortion and high fault clearing capacity. A damper cage is incorporated to reduce harmonics and the simple bearing design offers high reliability and maintainability. The machine is manufactured and balanced at the Piller factory to ensure extremely long service life. A further feature is added by mounting the machine vertically which dramatically reduces the footprint of the UPS. 

System Reliability

A design free of power capacitors eliminates the highest failure component generally found in other UPS. The durable rotary machine technology is far less sensitive to damage from overload and other electrical disturbances and uses no brushes, slip rings or complex bearing arrangements. The power electronics employ rugged semi-conductor technology with no need for internal paralleling or multiple power capacitors and bypass operation is not required for any aspect of the UPS function. Electric cooling fans are eliminated by using the impeller of the UNIBLOCK™ machine for the system cooling. All of these factors combine to provide a UPS which exhibits a level of reliability that cannot be matched by other technologies.

Power Quality Improvement

The UBT+ will compensate without disconnection from the supply for very low input voltages, including voltage sags to 50% of nominal and can protect against brownouts to -30% without even using the stored energy. The unit easily handles 100% nonlinear loads as well as 100% step loads whilst maintaining a stable output. Acting as a bi-directional filter inside the UPS, the choke eliminates the passage of practically all harmonics between load and source.

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