Static Transfer Switch 25A up to 1600A

All around the globe complex electrical and electronic processes, information technology and automation, govern our manufacturing, service industries, data management and communications.

In today’s fast-moving world, Piller continues to develop new and innovative solutions to meet the challenge. As the requirement for resilient and redundant power supplies is growing, the Piller APOTRANS represents the latest evolution of redundancy. 

25A to 63A

125A to 1600A

The APOTRANS static transfer switch is suitable for both new and existing power distribution systems. By either retrofitting APOTRANS into an existing system or designing a new system, the Piller APOTRANS supports critical loads by automatically switching to an alternative power source should the preferred source become out of tolerance or fail completely. The changeover occurs within milliseconds ensuring that the load is supplied with continuous power. 

The APOTRANS Principle
Thyristor-based static transfer switch
Very fast transfer
Rugged and highly reliable SCR technology
Bypass and isolation switches
Internal redundancy

Wide Range of Possibilities

The APOTRANS adds a new level of system resilience, regardless of the source of the electricity supply! All basic and advanced system designs are possible, for example isolated redundancy, distributed redundancy or system + system redundancy. With redundancy brought right up o the load, there are numerous possibilities for system design. 

Isolated Redundant or Distributed Redundant Configuration

In the isolated redundant configuration, the redundant unit is normally running at no load. The advantage of such a scheme is simplicity and ease of expansion. The concept can be enhanced with a distributed redundant design where no single module is assigned as a redundant unit. Instead, this role is shared equally among all modules. In the event of a single unit failure, its load will be shared proportionately over the remaining units. The advantage is equal load sharing among all units for improved efficiency.

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