21 MW Powerbridge

Piller developed the first kinetic energy storage device, the POWERBRIDGE, in the mid-1990s as a battery alternative for uninterruptible power supply systems (UPS). The robust design and the limitation to just a few system components ensure the high level of reliability that meets the high demands of a UPS system.

With the expansion of the Powerbridge series from 16.5 MWs to 21 MWs, a Powerbridge can be used for UPS outputs up to 2.4MW. The Powerbridge 21 is not only space-saving but also cost-saving as the efficiency of the UPS system is improved. Alternatively, the Powerbridge can also be used in parallel for extended bridging times be used. Only the Powerbridge offers this unique combination of such a high power density and particularly long bridging time of a kinetic energy store.

The Piller Powerbridge is able to absorb and deliver energy with the same high output. This means that under all dynamic load conditions there is unsurpassed frequency stability that no other UPS with kinetic memory can achieve.

With up to 21 MWs of stored energy, the bridging time of the Piller Powerbridge is almost twice as long as the alternative solutions.

Powerbridge with 6MWs, 16.5MWs or 21MWs storage capacity available
Bridging time of minutes in the event of a power failure
No air conditioning required
Defined and predictable charge levels
Parallel operation possible
Largest available kinetic energy storage

Currently, more than 1,300 Powerbridge energy storage devices are in use in a wide variety of environmental conditions.