Important customer information: Legal Merger of Active Power Germany GmbH Co. KG with Piller Germany GmbH Co. KG

Osterode 31 December, 2018

With effect from January 1st, 2019, Active Power Germany GmbH & Co. KG will merge with Piller Germany GmbH & Co. KG as part of the ongoing integration of Active Power into the Piller Group.

After this date, all business will be conducted through Piller Germany GmbH & Co. KG. The terms and conditions of business with Piller Germany are practically the same and existing contacts will not be affected. Existing contracts with Active Power Germany GmbH & Co. KG will be honoured. A Piller spokesperson said customers will benefit from this administrative merger, being able to gain from the strength of a much larger corporation when purchasing Cleansource XT and CSHD products and services.

About Piller

Piller is a world leader in power protection technology. The company builds electrical systems for mission-critical applications worldwide. Clients include many of the world's central and commercial banks, stock exchanges and other financial institutions, as well as broadcasters, airports, telecommunications networks, government departments and co-location operators.

Founded by the German engineer Anton Piller in 1909, more than a century on Piller is still headquartered and produces in Osterode and nearby Bilshausen, although today the company has subsidiaries across Europe, the Americas, Asia and Australia and today employs approaching 1000 people worldwide. In November 2016, Piller Power Systems Inc, the US subsidiary of Piller Group GmbH, acquired the assets and business of Active Power Inc, the US kinetic energy storage specialist. Piller group is a division of the UK engineering and industrial group, Langley Holdings plc.