Piller protects the world’s healthcare providers

Hospitals and health centres around the world are operating at full capacity to provide acute clinical care at the frontline of the global pandemic.

All acute and long-term clinical care relies on the provision of stable power meaning power infrastructure in hospitals is never non-critical. 

Piller power design expertise along with Protection, Generation, Transfer, Energy Storage and Back-up technology ensure reliable and stable power for every application for every level of energy use intensity within all medical and health environments.

Over many decades Piller has worked with the health sector in every territory in which it operates designing and deploying flexible, resilient, highly available power topologies.

Around the world large publicly funded municipal hospitals with thousands of staffed beds and many thousands of full time employees use Piller systems to ensure stable power is available for all clinical and support functions. 

Piller serves public and private sector specialist and general care providers in acute or long-term healthcare.

Piller technology is used throughout the healthcare supply chain supporting systems of pure data being used in clinical care, patient administration systems of record or powering operating theatres and MRI scanners.

From small scale specialists to large scale public and private operations Piller systems ensure power availability to buildings and vital medical equipment. 

Piller is a humble participant in the fight against Covid-19 and acknowledges the efforts of its customers, partners and staff working to support the medial professionals and associated workforces whose dedication and application is helping ill and vulnerable people around the world.

A global network of qualified service staff provide protection expert support and maintenance.

Piller offers a comprehensive package of services that can be tailored to client specific requirements: Technical consultation, Operator training, Functional testing, Maintenance, Fault analysis and troubleshooting, Customer training, Remote system diagnosis and support, 24/7/365 emergency call out.

Operating in over 50 countries Piller supplies key sectors with power protection technology including  healthcare, banking, communications, airports and industrials