Piller serving the world’s Energy transition

Mass electrification is reshaping the entire energy market and as a leading developer of storage and stabilisation technology Piller is at the forefront of helping power producers serve their consumers with more reliable, clean and sustainable electricity for the years ahead.

Piller products already underpin public utility, private microgrid and cogeneration infrastructure in countries around the world.

Between now and 2050 tens of trillions of dollars must be invested in energy transition technology as the world moves to decarbonise its energy consumption and curtail the rise in global temperatures.  By the end of this period, around 90% of the energy will be in the form of electricity produced from renewable sources using more efficient distribution techniques. 

A significant part of this transition will be accomplished through the deployment of microgrids which are able to tap into local renewable resources and serve a specific geographic customer base with intensified cleaner energy. Piller technology meets the requirements for storage and hardening necessary to make these new deployments reliable and effective.

The Microgrid

These are typically small power grids with multiple energy sources and multiple consumers.  They may be capable of acting independent of, or interconnected  to existing power grids. 

New microgrids will be designed mostly with VRE- variable renewable energy sources (such as wind and solar) that optimise the use of local energy resources and avoid high transmission losses.  Being at a much smaller scale than national infrastructure projects, access to funding is wider, deployment times can be faster, political and regulatory barriers are lower and the flexibility is greater.

However, VRE cannot be depended upon for its availability in the same way as traditional generation and other renewables. Sometimes there is no wind. Typically at night there is no sunlight. VRE systems also convert their power through electronic processes that exhibit undesirable behaviour under certain scenarios.  As a result, these systems usually need forms of storage and stabilisation. 

With more than 50 years engineering and manufacturing experience of power conditioning using battery and kinetic energy storage, Piller understands how to get the best out of modern power systems.

Piller’s battery energy storage systems (BESS) and flywheel energy storage systems (FESS) are capable of additional microgrid services such as grid-forming, inertia and SCR enhancement, features not available in more basic ESS technologies.  This combination of storage and stabilisation can be used both in modern microgrids and in traditional cogeneration systems. 

Piller’s family of Grid products means that there is a product suitable for both islanded and interconnected systems and for critical or non-critical consumer loads or a combination of the two.  The third product line in the family, GridPB can provide significant additional inertia for island grids utilising large amounts of variable renewable energy.

GridStab provides energy storage and other services using either battery or kinetic energy storage or a combination of the two.

GridGate adds decoupling from the Utility and provides energy storage and other services using either battery or kinetic energy storage or a combination of the two.

GridPB for adding additional inertia to island microgrids.

Microgrid datacentres

Datacentres are power-hungry consumers of electricity on a growing scale. In the search for improved energy intensity, datacentre constructors are seeking more suitable climates to rely less on forced cooling of the computers.  Power in the vicinity may not be sufficient and using microgrids in conjunction with GridGate provides a readily available solution. 

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