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Con l'importanza sempre crescente dei sistemi IT, molti motori di ricerca e aziende di data hosting, si affidano a Piller per proteggere i propri server per prevenire interruzioni del servizio e perdite di dati in caso di blackout. Gli sviluppatori e gli operatori di data center offrono servizi di colocation indipendenti ad alta disponibilità, in cui l'integrazione continua di UPS costituisce una parte indispensabile della loro infrastruttura. In questo caso, Piller utilizza unità UPS rotanti con diesel UNIBLOCK ™ per alimentare un sistema di distribuzione a parallelo isolato IP-Bus per offrire una soluzione ridondante e scalabile.

Soluzioni compatte con o senza batterie che soddisfino le esigenze dei Clienti possono essere adottate all'interno della stessa struttura ed addirittura all’interno dello stesso impianto elettrico. Man mano che le aziende si affidano sempre di più a soluzioni basate sul web, all'e-commerce e alle tecnologie cloud, Piller si sta rivelando il partner strategico ideale con la più vasta esperienza e flessibilità del settore, per fornire la massima protezione a queste sensibili attività.

Piller’s engineering leadership, advances and technology roadmap for hyperscale cloud data centres

Ten-year forecasts for Cloud Hyperscale data centres point to hundreds of new builds of 100MW power capacity and above. 

To meet these growing cloud needs Piller’s latest UNIBLOCK™ UB-V Series Electrically Coupled (EC) UPS power infrastructure has been specifically designed for large scale data centres in this decade and the next. 

UNIBLOCK™ UB-V series UPS units power ratings range from 1.0MW / 1.10MVA to 3.240MW / 3.60MVA with paralleling up to 100MW / 115MVA making them the ideal solution for hyperscale deployments.

Piller powers and protects the Wholesale Colocation Data Centre Market

Wholesale Commercial Data Center operators around the world use Piller Power Systems across their entire power chain. 

Piller UPS units, switchgear and standby gensets operate many of the world’s largest wholesale commercial campus’s in Virginia, New Jersey and California in the US and throughout Europe and Asia, delivering many thousands of MWs of high quality, conditioned, mission critical power. 

Piller power supply and protection for next generation Edge data centres

Edge computing data centres represent the next stage in the evolution of data access, processing, storage and security.

Edge data centre deployments are being used to manage Industrial IoT workloads in the manufacturing and process industry sectors; IoT use on road and rail infrastructure such as smart motorways, trackside and at train stations; In airport and seaport hubs; In Power generation and distribution; As part of 5G infrastructure in base stations and cell towers and on all telecoms networks; Throughout Smart Cites.

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Piller power systems deliver savings on capital deployed, provide low OPEX and maximise energy efficiency.

The amount of data in use is expanding exponentially as the world is digitised through IoT, mobile and Cloud. 

By 2025 the volume of information entering and leaving data centres for processing, storing and sharing will reach 175 Zettabytes [1 ZB = 1 trillion GBs] annually.  

Handling this data will require 100s of terawatt-hours of conditioned, reliable power for the trillions of daily digital interactions across the globe. 

Piller offers a comprehensive package of services that can be tailored to client specific requirements: Technical consultation, Operator training, Functional testing, Maintenance, Fault analysis and troubleshooting, Customer training, Remote system diagnosis and support, 24/7/365 emergency call out.

Case Studies

Hana Bank

Hana Bank, one of the largest banks in South Korea and the Pacific Rim, used Piller to power its new next-generation data centre in Cheongna, South Korea, using innovative Parallel Bus (I-Bus) system to protect its IT stack in the seven-storey 30,194m² (325,000ft²) data centre.

Next DC

Next DC, Australia’s leading colocation data centre operator, was awarded the world’s first Uptime Institute Tier IV certification using an N+1 IP-Bus system which removed the need for inefficient N+N redundant UPS deployment.

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