Piller powers the world’s communications and broadcasting infrastructure

The world’s biggest TV companies, national broadcasters and Communications Service Providers turn to Piller for power generation and protection.

The need for stable, reliable power in the Broadcasting and Communications sectors has never been greater and much of the world’s content delivery, through traditional linear broadcasting and using fibre broadband networks, is powered using Piller technology.

Global Broadcasting Market

Large national and commercial broadcasters depend on Piller Power Systems to support their power infrastructure for Digital TV production, Linear broadcasting and Over The Top services.

Powering the vital equipment for outside broadcast for live sports production or powering entire TV studios and broadcast transmitters requires the highest level of power protection.

Whether is it for content production, management, transport or distribution Piller technology is being used at every stage of the digital video supply chain in traditional broadcast environments and in the new Over the Top content providers.

Global Telecommunications Market

In the Telco sector Communications Service Providers operating Mobile and Fixed telephony networks and broadband infrastructure use Piller technology to help power their global networks. 

Piller powers telco systems across the entire value chain from interconnected backbone networks across countries and continents to end point delivering infrastructure for the newest 5G networks. 

Piller’s customers include Tier 1 Global Carriers, National Telcos, National and International Mobile Network Operators, Back haul companies, fibre companies and Metro network providers.

In complex interconnected ecosystem of Communications quality of service is vital and that is why Piller is a trusted partner for the world’s biggest network operators. 

Piller offers a comprehensive package of services that can be tailored to client specific requirements: Technical consultation, Operator training, Functional testing, Maintenance, Fault analysis and troubleshooting, Customer training, Remote system diagnosis and support, 24/7/365 emergency call out.

Operating in over 50 countries Piller supplies key sectors with power protection technology including  healthcare, banking, communications, airports and industrials

Case Studies

Here is the news - Piller will keep the BBC on air!

One of the world’s most advanced broadcast operations has chosen Piller technology for round-the-clock protection against loss of power.

Piller maintains power to the stars

Piller has been commissioned to install a state of the art €2.7m power conditioning system for the ALMA power Plant observation centre.