Sistemi UPS Rotanti 150kVA-50MVA

Il sistema UNIBLOCK è la soluzione ideale nel fornire energia in continuità ai vostri sistemi o processi, proteggendoli dalle interruzioni e dai disturbi provenienti dalla rete o dal carico. UNIBLOCK è lo strumento ideale per assicurare lo svolgimento del vostro lavoro giorno dopo giorno, anno dopo anno. Ogni sistema rotante Piller ha al centro una macchina rotante UNIBLOCK. Il sistema UNIBLOCK è adatto a molteplici applicazioni, fornisce eccezionali prestazioni ed è estremamente affidabile avendo un numero limitato di componenti.


UPS from 1MW up to 50MW
The new UB-V series UPS platform is designed for the typical large scale data centre and combines cost effective ownership with high reliability, efficiency and power density.

The UB-V Series UPS is Piller’s latest generation of UPS. A completely new electronics platform affords even higher reliability through advanced self-diagnostics and a revised internal architecture employing a unique real-time Ethernet communication protocol known as PillerLINK™. A patented ring topology provides redundancy between electronic boards powered by redundant power supplies that are fed from redundant sources.


Rotary UPS from 500kW up to 40MW
The Piller UNIBLOCK™ UBT+ is a UPS system with state-of-the-art technology. The unique design with versatile options makes the UBT+ perfectly suited for existing or new installations.

The UBT+ is giving the highest efficiency and performance with minimum components and combines the benefits of all different power supply configurations for short term or long term bridging, with standby generation or with cogeneration. The UBT+ can be used in low and medium voltage applications, cooling can be by air or chilled water, ride through storage can be batteries or flywheel.


Rotary Diesel UPS from 500kW up to 40MW
Piller’s rotary Diesel UPS systems of the patented UNIBLOCK™ type represent the most efficient and reliable power supply combination for critical applications.

The design flexibility of the UBTD+ is unique for a UPS system, it can be used to address low and medium voltage applications, cooling can be by air or chilled water, critical and emergency supplies can be isolated or combined in a single distribution system. Diesel start delay can be varied from seconds to minutes and multiple engine designs can be accommodated.


Rotary Hybrid UPS from 125kW up to 40MVA
The UNIBLOCK™ by virtue of its low output impedance inherently delivers fault current of 14 times the nominal full load. Offering fault current delivery similar to the systems utility transformer, security is provided even when utility power is not available to the site.


The UNIBLOCK™ rotary UPS range is flexible in application – there are a number of options available to suits clients specific requirements.

UNIBLOCK™ Containerised Rotary UPS

As an alternative, the UNIBLOCK™ system is also available as a high-performance and economical container unit. All components necessary for operation are integrated and the system is immediately ready for operation after coupling to the AC supply system. This eliminates planning costs as well as the costs of integration into the building structure.

UNIBLOCK™ Water-Cooled Option

The UNIBLOCK™ UPS can be provided with its own heat exchanger directly connected to the building’s chilled water supply. An integrated cooling unit provides the UPS with its own climate. The UPS can be operated in small rooms, in aggressive environments or in areas where quiet operation is required. Without the need for external forced cooling, complex plant room airflow studies can be eliminated, space can be saved and maintenance routines simplified.

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