Critical Power Modules (CPM) with Flywheel

300/360kW Modules - Scalable up to 2400/2880kW

  • Efficiency above 96% at 25% load (IEC 62040-3)
  • No Battery risk, no Battery replacement
  • Quiet operation
  • Advanced connectivity
  • Ideal for rapid deployment

Piller's CPM 300 / 360

The Piller Critical Power Module (CPM) topology is designed to deliver optimum performance combined with all of the operational features demanded by the modern data centre. The module houses its own energy storage with sufficient guaranteed capacity for delayed transition to standby generators. Capable of operating in up to four different modes, the CPM affords the perfect balance between required levels of protection and electrical efficiency.

The energy store is self-contained within the module and designed to operate with extremely low losses. The CPM is designed with total costs, implementation speed and ease of maintenance in mind.

Whole life costs

  • Static UPS technology with an integrated energy store, saving space, installation and testing time – ready to go upon arrival
  • Extended (10 year) major maintenance interval with simple on-site works
  • Light touch, single visit annual maintenance
  • Extremely high operating efficiency – minimised losses and cooling requirements
  • Ambient up to 50°C for optimum use of free cooling

Energy Saving

The CPM concept brings together a highly efficient and reliable energy store with a multi-mode uninterruptible power system. There are two principle modes of operation providing real power protection and the unit can operate with exceptional efficiency that is above 96% at 25% load and approaching 99% at full load.

Efficiency improvements run throughout this design, however by integrating the energy store and utilising innovative cooling techniques, the CPM also benefits from wide environmental operating characteristics that allow the elimination of air conditioning used in conventional battery systems. For cooling of the unit itself, the designer can choose between white space installation where use of the IT cooling system can be made and traditional plant room installation.

Rapid Deployment

The CPM can be supplied pre-assembled and tested on a skid, thereby allowing immediate installation and connection inside a building with minimal effort and site time. Alternatively, the CPM module can be supplied containerised with other modules and switchgear ready for deployments in facilities requiring the M&E infrastructure to be house externally in all or part.

  • Two cabinet assembly (or skid mounted, pre-tested) for immediate use
  • No battery room preparation or battery build
  • No DC cabling installation
  • Minimum site time
  • Citing possible in technical space, service corridor or plant room
  • Containerised version

Multiple Operating modes

The CPM is capable of operating in a number of different modes in order to provide the best economic operation combined with full load protection. In normal mode, the CPM provides full double conversion (VFI) conditioning at very high efficiencies across the load range. If the input supply characteristics permit, the IEC version can be selected to automatically run in VI (voltage conditioning) mode for even higher efficiencies or the IEC and UL CPM can be set to select VFD (ECO) mode where operating efficiencies can approach 99%.

Multiple modules operating in parallel, can also have Enhanced Redundancy Mode (ERM) invoked. When ERM is activated, the system will determine the minimum number of modules necessary to maintain the required resilience, placing the other units in active standby to maximise system efficiency.

Optimised efficiency

The CPM can be set to operate in several different modes or to automatically switch between modes depending upon input supply quality, in order to maintain a pre-determined output quality.

Maximum operating efficiencies are achieved in VFD mode where efficiency can be higher than 98% with the energy store connected. A similar level can be achieved in VI conditioning mode. At all load levels and in all modes of operation, efficiency is substantially higher than any other UPS with a built in kinetic energy store.

AC-AC Efficiency of CPM measured according to IEC 62040-3

Standard Features Optional Features
Multiple operating modes Remote monitoring and fault diagnosis
100kA short circuit withstand SNMP, Webserver, OPC or RCP communication
Up to 98.5% efficient Modbus TCP/IP communication
Variable speed cooling fans Customer programmable I/O card
12.1 inch WXGA Touch Panel Install Options
Parallel up to 8 units
Secure Web-based App monitoring
Top and bottom cable entry
Enhanced Redundancy Mode
Unity input power factor (>0.99)
Load focus 0pf lagging to 0.9pf capacitive without derating
POWERBRIDGE™ PB6+ kinetic energy store
UL 1778 Approved (UL version only)
Dual input capability
EMC class C3 to IEC 62040-2
Paralleling capability
FCC Part 15J compliance (UL version only)
SD-card long term event storage


The Piller Critical Power Module is designed for only the lightest of touches with annual maintenance. There is no requirement for invasive and risky battery autonomy testing. There is no time wasted collecting and analysing battery readings, the interpretation of which is at best speculative. One simple annual inspection with replacement of any consumables, keeps the CPM in proper working order and provides peace of mind for the client. Every customer receives a detailed report on the condition of the unit and of the power conditioning events experienced by the UPS since the last report. Periodic overhaul (typically after 10 years) is also straightforward and can be conducted easily and quickly with the unit in situ.

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