Introducing Piller’s new high-performance UB-V ELECTRICALLY COUPLED UPS series for the conditioned power protection needs of cloud hyperscale, wholesale colocation and large enterprise deployments. 

The Piller UNIBLOCK™ UB-V is a flexible solution providing up to 3.24MW of UPS in a single module to give higher reliability compared with large scale static deployments and better availability through significantly extended preventative maintenance service intervals leading to fewer shutdowns.

Electrically Coupled UPS 

Most data centres are powered by electrically coupled UPS. An electrically coupled UPS connects the energy store with the UPS unit using only an electrical connection. Power semiconductors are used to control the energy flow for both discharging and recharging. The UPS performance, overhaul and maintenance requirements are largely determined by the method through which energy is transferred in and out of the energy store. Electrically coupled UPS include conventional static and UB-V technology.

Piller’s high-performance UB-V UPS is a new generation electrically coupled UPS. It is designed for flexibility, availability and reliability while providing capital cost control and maximised operating efficiency. As hyperscale cloud companies, large colocation investments and enterprise demands drive growth in the global data centre market, the use of electrically coupled UPS systems continues to grow.


  • UB-V provides on-line efficiency of up to 98% at 100% load and 97% at 50% load when compared with static UPS which typically operate around 96.3% efficiency at both 50% and 100% loads.
  • The UB-V UPS has no power capacitors or electric fans, the mean-time between failure of a single unit rises by a factor of 5 times when compared to failure rates of a typical static UPS.
  • Piller UB-V UPS features a new control platform incorporating self-diagnostics for predictive maintenance and continual peace of mind. Piller’s e-VENTLOG™ is a new service package with remote monitoring which can make annual service shutdowns a thing of the past. In controlled environments e-VENTLOG™ can completely eliminate the need for an operational shutdown of the UPS for up to five years.


Single UB-V UPS modules deliver up to 3.24MW for power at scale

The UB-V series unit’s power ratings range from 1100kVA 1.0MW to 3600kVA 3.24MW in both battery and kinetic energy storage versions, making them ideal for large scale deployment.
To minimise the need for human intervention, allow monitoring and even manage data centres remotely, the UB-V series offers a unique service regime which means that units can be condition-monitored remotely and can have off-line service intervals as little as once every five years.
Extended service intervals are made possible through the UB-V’s much higher reliability, typically achieving up to 5 times more than its nearest rivals of conventional static UPS. This is achieved by using fewer components and eliminating component wear parts such as power capacitors.
Operating efficiency is a key financial driver for the modern data centre. On-line mode UB-V efficiency is typically higher than that for conventional static UPS across most of the load operating range – thereby reducing energy costs without compromising protection.
Piller UB-V solutions are also designed for integration with renewable and sustainable energy sources, having bi-directional power flow for feeding energy back to the grid or transferring from one energy source to another within a micro-grid.
Piller’s UB-V units removes the need for multiple module paralleling to achieve higher power ratings. Less paralleling can also provide better reliability and higher availability in the power string of large data centres.
UB-V systems can save on space and capital infrastructure cost. They can operate at low or medium voltage levels to give greater flexibility in scheme design as data centres continue to grow.


For wholesale colocation companies who build and operate data centres at scale to service high-end business-critical workloads for multiple commercial and enterprise customers, reliability and uptime are paramount. The same is true for hyperscale firms offering cloud platform infrastructure and business applications at the highest scale. At every level data centre managers must be highly responsive to customer needs for flexible power and varying power densities. They must ensure maximum operational efficiency and the highest possible availability at all times. Moreover, the provision of dedicated space, power and cooling at scale also demands widespread, redundant power which is both stable and flexible. Piller’s UB-V electrically coupled UPS power infrastructure is specifically designed to meet all these supplier and customer needs.

The UB-V’s compact design can generate space in a 50MW data centre to house up to 250 additional IT racks


Hyperscale and Colo companies are driven by the quest for ever-greater efficiency in every area. Build-out growth rates of new generation data centres make it vital to maximise capital investment from day one of operation.

As enterprises increasingly shift workloads to the cloud and as cloud-based digitally native firms expand, fierce competition among cloud providers further increases the need for cost control and capital efficiency.

Piller UB-V series has been designed with reduced infrastructure capital costs firmly in mind. The more its power rating rises, the more favourable the capital costs per kW become. With a relatively small physical footprint compared to typical static systems, the UB-V UPS can save more than 20% of data centre technical plant room space, thereby freeing up revenue-generating real estate.

UB-V offers significant space savings compared to other UPS.


In efficiency terms, the UB-V UPS with a battery power source compares favourably with static UPS. UB-V, provides on-line efficiency of up to 98% at 100% load and 97% at 50% load, against static UPS which typically operate around 96.3% efficiency at both 50% and 100% loads.

Like for like comparisons between UB-V electrically coupled UPS and mainstream static UPS solutions in online mode show the UB-V provides greater efficiency across much of the operating load range, especially at higher ratings.

At multi-MW scale, this can represent vast sums saved in operational costs with, for example, a 48MW data centre saving up to $7.5 million in electricity costs over ten years (based on $0.1kWh energy cost).

A 48MW data centre equipped with UB-V UPS can save up to $7.5 million in electricity costs over ten years

Build-out growth rates of new generation data centres make it vital to optimise capital investment from day one


Standard servicing for the UB-V is already much reduced compared to many mechanically coupled and static UPS. However, the UB-V performance can be further enhanced with the addition of a new innovative communication solution that monitors multiple operating and predictive maintenance parameters and can send system data directly to an operation centre. 

Available in conjunction with any Piller UB-V UPS and Unity Service Pack, e-VENTLOG™ is a maintenance service that provides shutdown-free annual maintenance checks, eliminating the need for physical intervention inside the UPS. 

Whereas physical checks can result in a UPS being off-line for several hours per year, with e-VENTLOG™ in place this downtime is completely eliminated. The service can be implemented in any suitable environment and the data gathered either automatically across the internet in a secure manner or by direct download at the machine itself.

In controlled environments e-VENTLOG™ can completely eliminate the need for operational shutdown of the UPS for up to five years.


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Differences between Electrically Coupled and Mechanically Coupled UPS technologies

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