For over 50 years, Piller has been protecting military and civil applications, providing power systems to airports as well as shore-to-ship and on-board power systems for both submarine and surface vessels.

The safety and smooth operation of these installations and vessels depends on the supply of reliable quality power. Exacting standards of manufacture are vital to ensure life safety and continuous operations even in the most extreme of conditions. 

Piller continues to ensure that many world airlines, airports and military assets receive the highest level of protection at all times, with electrical and electronic systems supported by the most reliable power sources available.

Naval Power Systems

Piller has been a supplier partner in the field of naval technology since 1965. Originally providing only shore connection stations for supplying power to naval vessels, new developments followed, including special fan systems for submarines, rotary and static frequency converters, on-board UPS systems, special purpose DC motors, brushless charging and ship's generators and alternators.

Piller Product Range for Naval Applications:
DC / Charging Generators
Air and water-cooled AC Generators
Static and rotary frequency converters
Static UPS
Power supply / battery charger systems
Special DC Motors
Starter for DC Motors
Special Fans
Shore to Ship supply systems
Technical documentation / Training World wide after sales service
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