Piller occupa una posizione unica nel settore dei sistemi di continuità, perché i suoi prodotti si basano sulle tecnologie statica e rotante. Questa peculiarità le permette di proporre ai clienti le soluzioni più adeguate, dalla fornitura di macchine singole fino a sistemi chiavi in mano.

Alla base di ogni  UPS rotante Piller vi è il moto-generatore UNIBLOCK, sinonimo di affidabilità e durata nel tempo. L'UPS rotante ibrido di Piller UNIBLOCK UBR ottimizza i benefici della  tecnologia statica e rotante ed è impiegato internazionalmente nei campi in cui è richiesta una alta affidabilità e disponibilità. Un altro tipo di prodotto è l’UNIBLOCK UBT e l’UBTD, un UPS accoppiato ad un diesel. Per fornire una maggiore flessibilità di impiego, per l'intera gamma di prodotti UNIBLOCK,  è disponibile come riserva di energia, sia un sistema con batterie stazionarie, sia con accumulatore cinetico.

La nuova generazione dei sistemi statici UPS, ossia l'AP Premium, fa parte di quei prodotti disponibili sul mercato che utilizzano in ingresso il raddrizzatore ad IGBT. Un'altra serie di prodotti di alta affidabilità nel campo dell'energia sono gli APOTRANS, una gamma di commutatori statici di rete; il POWERBRIDGE, un sistema di accumulo di energia cinetica che sostituisce le batterie e stabilizza la tensione elettrica.

Altre applicazione dei sistemi statici e rotanti Piller sono nel campo dell'alimentazione a 400 Hz, nel settore aereo, e nella conversione 50/60 Hz, nel settore navale, ambito in cui il prodotto Piller APOJET ed altri accessori sono impiegati sia in ambito civile che militare.

UNIBLOCK™ UB-V For Large Scale Data Centre

UPS from 1MW up to 50MW

The new UB-V series UPS platform is designed for the typical large scale data centre and combines cost effective ownership with high reliability, efficiency and power density.

The UB-V Series UPS is Piller’s latest generation of UPS. A completely new electronics platform affords even higher reliability through advanced self-diagnostics and a revised internal architecture employing a unique real-time Ethernet communication protocol known as PillerLINK™. A patented ring topology provides redundancy between electronic boards powered by redundant power supplies that are fed from redundant sources.


Technological advances in virtually every field of human endeavour are bringing unprecedented demands for clean, uninterrupted power and with it, the need for ever more dependable, powerful and flexible UPS solutions.

In every industrial application, new technology deployment poses corresponding UPS challenges and issues associated with load changes, harmonic isolation, ambient conditions and power wastage are more potentially damaging than ever. Piller's    UB-V Series, built on the renowned German reliability of UNIBLOCK™, represents the most flexible and reliable electrically coupled rotary UPS available today.


The UNIBLOCK™ is a key contributor in providing seamless power to your business systems and processes, providing independence from utility power and disturbances on the supply network. UNIBLOCK™ simply provides confidence in delivering business on schedule day after day, year after year. Every Piller rotary UPS at heart has the UNIBLOCK™ rotary machine. The UNIBLOCK™ is a system with millions of reliable field operation giving high efficiency and performance with minimum components.

Static UPS from 2kW up to 360kW

Data centres, automated production plants and other critical applications make high demands on UPS systems as power supply failures can have catastrophic results. Non-linear loads therefore have to be handled as safely as shock loads and overloads such as those caused by power surges.

Static Transfer Switch 25A up to 1600A

In today’s fast-moving world, Piller continues to develop new and innovative solutions to meet the challenge. As the requirement for resilient and redundant power supplies is growing, the Piller APOTRANS represents the latest evolution of redundancy. 

Battery-Free Solutions

Piller is a market leader of kinetic energy storage ranging from 3.6MJ up to 60MJ+ per unit. The Piller POWERBRIDGE™ and Active Power CleanSource® storage systems have unique design techniques employed to provide high energy content with low losses. These energy stores can be configured singularly or in parallel with a variety of Piller UPS units to facilitate a wide range of power-time combinations. Piller’s Critical Power Module (CPM) has been designed with the needs of the modern data centre in mind, allowing designers maximum creativity for modular solutions where the need for space-saving and minimised service intervention is paramount.

Critical Power Modules (CPM) with Flywheel 225kW up to 2.4MW

The Piller Critical Power Module (CPM) topology is designed to deliver optimum performance combined with all of the operational features demanded by the modern data centre. The module houses its own energy storage with sufficient guaranteed capacity for delayed transition to standby generators. Capable of operating in up to four different modes, the CPM affords the perfect balance between required levels of protection and electrical efficiency.

Frequency Converters

For over 30 years Piller has supplied ground power systems for both military and civil applications. Through continual research and development of our products we guarantee a high level of flexibility in meeting clients' demands, however complex