Piller’s number one goal is to enable every organisation’s sustainable power strategy with practical solutions

Following the 2020 launch of Piller’s new Uniblock UB-V Series electrically coupled UPS, throughout 2021 and continuing in 2022 Piller UB-V UPS Series technical features and business advantages were discussed with information hungry audiences around the globe.

UB-V UPS series state of the art technologies are changing how power back up is used in large scale and hyper scale industrial and data centre environments.

In just 12 months of general availability UB-V solutions are being evaluated or have been commissioned to provide more than 1.3GW of power protection. 22 projects have been executed using the UB-V unit with power ratings between 1.2MW and 3.4MW deployed in data centres and other environments.

Covering the biggest subjects in power provision and back up Piller country MDs and experts directly addressed how specific vertical, national and regional market needs for large scale power protection can be met using UB-V technologies.

November/December 2021

The global environmental and economic challenge of addressing the climate crisis had the attention of the world at the UN COP26 Climate Conference in Glasgow, UK.

Piller’s partnerships with the energy sector are long term. Its vision and research are aligned with that of large energy providers around the world including those who attended and sponsored COP 26.

Over many decades Piller has worked with power generation companies and grid operators around the globe. As the energy sector transitions Piller customers are using many of its technology solutions, including the UB-V series.

As a leader in UPS, stabilisation and storage technology at scale Piller is proud to play its part in energy transition with the development, delivery and deployment of the UB-V UPS series.

November 2021 saw Piller publish a paper on the evolution of the power needs of Particle Accelerators around the world.

Many of these facilities are at the forefront of some of the most exciting science in the world have for decades been protected by Piller UPS technology.

As accelerators become more powerful, they need higher power and greater reliability at multi-MW power rating.

The performance and reliability requirements of Synchrotron Accelerators are being matched by Piller’s latest UB-V UPS series.

September/October 2021

Piller Spain & LATAM
Tomás Arlegui, Managing Director, Piller Ibérica S.L.U presents on High Power UPS Infrastructure for Next Generation Hyperscale Cloud Data Center Design.

Sustainability means creating a power infrastructure topology that is future ready. Hyperscale data centers are likely to become part of the energy mix when demand response sees them feed power back to the grid at times of high demand and stressed capacity.


Piller Singapore
In Singapore there are unique challenges presenting new sustainability realities for UPS power delivery in enterprise data centres which are being addressed by the UB-V series.

Piller’s Singapore Business Unit Director, Palaniappan Muthuraman explored the realities faced by Enterprises with existing data centres and those seeking to develop new critical digital infrastructure in Singapore and provided practical solution options.


Piller UK – Frankfurt, London, Amsterdam, Paris, and beyond
Piller’s Keith Maclean-Martin, Technical Manager and Richard Mellard, Head of UK Sales, Piller UK Ltd wrote on “Time to end short term UPS thinking – the case for sustainable ROI”

DCD Europe: European Market Perspectives on Achieving Long Term Sustainable ROI from UPS investment

Meeting sustainability targets can only be achieved if the financial case is viable, and the economics make sense.

At DCD London Piller provided a European market perspective on achieving long term sustainable ROI on your UPS investment for operators in the FLAP markets and beyond.

May/June 2021

Piller Australia
In May 2021 Jonathan Davis, Piller Australia managing director addressed an audience of Data Center experts on the topic of Sustainable and Scalable Data Center Power.

Piller Global
May also saw Piller provide details of the UB-V Electrically Coupled UPS Series benefits for scalable, sustainable power for multiple industrial sectors across health, digital, manufacturing, aviation, broadcast, comms, defence, energy, renewables, research and more

Piller USA
Michael Sheppard, Technical Sales Manager, USA and Canada, addressed how in the US and North America the sustainability agenda is accelerating transition to zero carbon electrification of industry.

While many industries have already grasped the advantages of operating at Medium Voltage for the data center sector Mike addressed Medium voltage and carbon reduction in large scale facilities.

March/April 2021

Piller Australia
In April Piller Australia managing director Jonathan Davis presented on the specific UB-V Series advantages for the Australia energy market where that country’s renewable options in Geothermal, Hydro, Wind, Solar, Ocean and Bio available are the envy of the world.

In Australia and, in every market where energy companies have huge opportunities to innovate, the UB-V UPS range can be part of the mix that will provide reliable, efficient power, without sacrificing sustainability.

January/February 2021

From the beginning 2021 companies and individuals seeking guidance learnt about building green credentials by cutting power losses through Piller’s global on demand webinar series: The Future of Data Center UPS Power at Scale.

First delivered live in November 2020 across in 11 time zones from North America to Australia, the UK, Central Europe, the Middle East, China and Japan, Piller thanked global data centre operators, developers and engineers attendees with a charity donation to the WHO COVID-Solidarity Response Fund.

February 2021 saw Piller launch The Unity Service Pack– a new concept in UPS support for next generation data centres.

Piller Unity Service Pack is a brand-new services concept to provide up to 5 years of continuous data centre UPS operation with full insight into machine behaviour and performance – without the need to take the UPS offline. The Unity Service Pack is a major benefit of deploying Piller’s latest electrically coupled UB-V UPS Series for secure power at scale.

It uses a combination of advanced UB-V UPS product features such as new electronics, self-diagnostics and monitoring with secure communications and cloud data storage – alongside local back office Piller engineering expertise.

Piller has already delivered 22 UB-V projects for a variety of industrial and data centre applications.

Piller continues to improve the benefits of UB-V UPS for customers through advances in UPS services.

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