- UNIBLOCK UBTD - Rotary Diesel UPS Simulator

he UNIBLOCK UBTD Diesel Rotary UPS combines all the benefits of a rotary UPS with a Diesel engine in one integrated unit. The system consists of the UNIBLOCK motor-generator connected via a clutch to the Diesel engine, all mounted on a single short base frame. The load is normally fed via an isolating and coupling choke connected to the utility supply. The choke has a second tapped connection to the motorgenerator.

In the event of short interruptions or complete outages, the load is supported initially by a short-term ride through source which can be either a conventional battery system or a Piller Powerbridge (kinetic energy store device). This option is unique to the Piller system. With the load safely supported, the Diesel engine is then given a command to start,and once fully up to speed, it takes over the long term support of the load by engaging the clutch seamlessly.

About Piller
Piller Power Systems GmbH (www.piller.com) produces power protection systems for "mission critical" applications world wide. The company was founded in Osterode, near Hanover in Germany in 1909 and acquired by the British engineering group Langley Holdings plc (www.langleyholdings.com) in 2004. Today the company is widely regarded as the leader in the field of high-end power protection for central banks, broadcasters telecommunications companies, government organisations and other major datacenter users.