After Sales

Piller offers clients premium-level services that have been developed to match the unrivalled excellence of its UPS systems.

  • Technical consultation
  • Operator training
  • Functional testing
  • Maintenance
  • Fault analysis and troubleshooting
  • Customer training
  • Remote system diagnosis and support

With a global network of highly qualified service staff thoroughly trained to provide a comprehensive package of services, Piller ensures that its products will always be operating at their optimum.

Piller technicians are currently taking care of around 10,000 units of high power UPS equipment in over 40 countries, supporting client activities in data processing, finance, industry, communications, aviation and defence, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

For times when support is needed outside normal working hours, Piller offers an emergency call-out service ensuring that support can be obtained quickly and where it is needed.

Piller also conducts periodic preventative maintenance to minimise malfunctions and extend the life of UPS systems to at least 20 years. These services are fully supported by a network of stocked parts held at service centres and at strategic locations around the world.

New. Self Diagnostics

After four years of intense Research and Development by Piller the new UB-V UPS series has been enhanced by a totally new self-diagnostics platform. The platform monitors multiple operating and predictive maintenance parameters and communicates system behaviour directly to an operations centre.

It means UB-V UPS can operate for years with few on-site maintenance visits. In controlled environments UB-V Self Diagnostics can completely remove the need for on-site interventions for five years. This directly contributes value through higher availability by removing the need for expensive routine shut down for off-line maintenance.

Unrivaled After Sales Service

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