Modern, purpose built manufacturing and freehold R&D facilities at Piller’s Osterode headquarters in Germany, and purpose built assembly and testing facility at nearby Bilshausen, Germany are absolutely state-of-the-art. These facilities are widely regarded as the most comprehensive of their kind situated in 14 hectares with more than 50,000m² of accommodation.

The Bilshausen facility, which was built in 2001 houses state-of-the-art equipment for the assembly and test of Piller’s renowned high-capacity diesel UNIBLOCK rotary range; the facility was expanded in 2009 significantly increasing the assembly areas and incorporating additional test bays capable of testing systems up to 3000kVA, making Bilshausen the most modern facility of its’ kind anywhere.

In 2015, Piller USA relocated to its brand new, purpose-built, 24,000 square foot (2230m²) freehold headquarters facility on Wes Warren Drive in the Town of Wallkill, Middletown, New York. This state-of-the-art headquarters not only serves as the central hub for Piller’s operations in the United States but also provides ample space for administration, customer support, and research and development activities. The modern design of the facility reflects Piller’s commitment to innovation and efficiency, ensuring that the company remains at the forefront of the power protection industry.

Piller USA’s expansion didn’t stop there. In addition to the headquarters in Middletown, the company operates a significant production facility in Austin, Texas. This facility specialises in manufacturing Active Power CleanSource (UPS) systems, which are known for their reliability and efficiency in providing uninterrupted power supply solutions. The Austin production site is also a key centre for the development and production of containerised UPS for modular infrastructure solutions and advanced energy storage products. These products are designed to meet the growing demand for sustainable and resilient power solutions in a variety of industries, including data centers, healthcare, and industrial applications.

Piller’s investment in these locations underscores its strategic vision to enhance its manufacturing capabilities and improve service delivery to its customers across the world. The company’s facilities are equipped with cutting-edge technology and staffed by highly skilled professionals dedicated to maintaining Piller’s high standards of quality and innovation. Through continuous improvement and adaptation to market needs, Piller ensures its products and services remain competitive and reliable, helping clients safeguard their critical operations against power disruptions.

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