Solutions for a Sustainable Future

Piller power protection technology supporting the world’s transition to sustainable energy

Sustainability means creating future-ready infrastructure for a power ecosystem built on efficiency, flexibility, clean energy storage and circularity.

Piller’s sustainable strategy is built around maximum energy efficiency, long-term operation, reliability, and less waste.

As reliance on sustainable Microgrids and clean on-site generation grows Piller is committed to delivering decades of environmental and economic sustainability for customers.

The company’s sustainability roadmap focuses on UPS suitability for use with Variable Renewable Energy Resources (VRERs), hydrogen ready engines and bi-directional power flow for a greener grid.

Piller technologies are built to support the low carbon mass electrification of industry, commerce and public services as they move to a cleaner energy future.

Piller’s product sustainability path

Piller’s sustainability credentials have been established over decades.

In 2016 it acquired Active Power, the Texas based Kinetic Flywheel Clean Energy Storage manufacturing pioneer.

From manufacture to operations Piller UPSs produce fewer emissions than rival technologies. Kinetic flywheel clean energy storage from Piller and subsidiary Active Power is more efficient and environmentally friendly than chemical battery and other mechanical alternatives.

Piller further demonstrated in its sustainability commitments by developing Integrated Power Conditioning and Stabilisation for the 30MW-300MW ‘Power of 10’ hybrid renewable microgrid solution – a low and no carbon grid independent and grid supporting microgrid offer.

Across its entire product range from small transfer switches to grow as you need 10MW modular UPS deployments, Piller’s latest UPS, Critical Power Modules, Ground Power, Stabilisation and Kinetic Flywheel technologies deliver measurable financial and environmental sustainability ROI benefits.

Piller products are designed for maximum clean energy output for minimum resources.

Piller Power and sustainable transformation

Across the globe Piller is helping traditional and transformative industries, national governments and the energy sector meet green power sustainability objectives through the benefits of long-term low carbon energy infrastructure investment.

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