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Piller occupies a unique position, being the only company to produce a range of rotary UPS and static UPS technologies, encompassing kinetic energy storage systems or batteries, ground power units and 50/60Hz frequency converters. With over 7000 kinetic energy storage devices and more than 6000 rotary UPS units up to 3000kVA installed, Piller has around 300 technicians taking care of clients in more than 40 countries.

Airports and Aviation

The efficient day-to-day operation of a modern airport relies upon the continuous availability of quality power; whether it is 400Hz or 28VDC power for aircraft and maintenance hangars, or 50Hz uninterruptible power for runway lighting, terminals and instrument landing systems.

Banking & Finance

With billions of dollars being moved around the world every minute of every day, the banking and financial sector has come to depend on a continuous and uninterrupted.


Broadcasting and TeleBroadcasting and electronic communications are more a part of everyday life than ever before. As a result, power interruptions have more serious consequences than ever before.

Data Hosting & IT

With the ever-increasing significance of IT systems, many off the world’s data hosting, search engine and cloud-based IT organisations rely on Piller technology to protect their servers and prevent service interruption in the event of an outage.


As economies around the world look for better ways to make use of energy sources for base power and peak reserve, the need for stabilisation and energy ride-through is becoming more prevalent.


The modern healthcare facility mixes life safety apparatus with complex diagnostic and patient monitoring equipment. Medical records are computerised and instantly accessible across hospital and doctor networks. Secure, dependable power is essential.


The face of industry is changing faster than ever. Rapid growth in demand for industrial power as the cost of energy rises, presents a challenge to manufacturing competitiveness and productivity where continuous output is vital.


For over 50 years, Piller has been protecting military and civil applications, providing power systems to airports as well as shore-to-ship and on-board power systems for both submarine and surface vessels.

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About Piller

Piller wurde 1909 von dem deutschen Ingenieur Anton Piller in Hamburg gegründet.

Piller ist weltweit das einzige Unternehmen, das rotierende und statische USV-Systeme produziert und diese sowohl mit eigenen kinetischen Energie-speichern als auch mit Batterien ausrüstet. Außerdem produziert Piller Systeme zur Bodenstromversorgung und 50 /60Hz Frequenzumformer.

Mit annähernd 1000 Mitarbeitern weltweit operiert Piller von seinem Stammsitz in Osterode, in der Nähe von Hannover, aus und verfügt über Tochtergesellschaften in ganz Europa, Amerika und Australasien.

2016 übernahm Piller das Geschäft und das Betriebsvermögen von Active Power Inc., dem Spezialisten für Schwungräder zur Energie-speicherung.

Piller ist Teil der britischen Langley Holdings Plc, einer Unternehmensgruppe, die weltweit erfolgreich im Maschinen- und Anlagenbau tätig ist.