Piller power technology protects the world’s critical infrastructure

For over a century the world’s most vital services have relied on Piller engineering expertise and manufacturing quality. 

We are committed to creating a sustainable future in mission-critical, power provision, protection, and energy storage. Piller product reliability and efficiency is built on precision German engineering, manufacturing excellence and unrivalled best in class service. Piller people are among the world’s most highly trained power technology experts.  

In 2020 it has expanded its portfolio to include the electrically coupled UB-V UPS with no annual maintenance requirements, the Powerhouse 1.2MW ISO containerised modular plug and play UPS and the exciting PB60+ kinetic energy technology now with 1-minute bridging at up to 2MW.

In 2016 Piller acquired Active Power, the Austin Texas-based flywheel UPS specialist. Go to the Active Power website here



With the latest highly advanced UB-V Electrically Coupled UPS range, Piller raises the game in scale, reliability, availability and sustainability of power provision and protection for multiple sectors.  

Uniquely in the power market Piller in-house teams control every aspect of development, design and manufacture of its entire product range of Electrically Coupled UPS; Containerised UPS; Stabilisers; Static Transfer Switches; Kinetic Energy Storage; Aircraft Ground Power Systems; Frequency Converters; and Naval Power Supplies.  


UB-V Series for Data Centres

Introducing Piller’s new high-performance UB-V ELECTRICALLY COUPLED UPS series for the conditioned power protection needs of cloud hyperscale, wholesale colocation and large enterprise deployments. 

UB-V Series for Industrial and Other Applications

Technological advances in virtually every field of human endeavour are bringing unprecedented demands for clean, uninterrupted power and with it, the need for ever more dependable, powerful and flexible UPS solutions.


Critical Power Modules

Static UPS

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Piller Rental - Delivering Quality Power

Piller high performance power protection systems and converters are available for short term rental and long-term lease.

Piller rental products range from small to large scale power needs. Piller’s rental fleet of rotary and static UPS systems are available with battery and diesel backup. Diesel UPS systems are available with its patented Powerbridge kinetic energy storage back up alternatives...


Piller offers clients premium-level service that have been developed to match the unrivalled excellence of its UPS systems.  With a global network of highly qualified service staff,  Piller technicians are currently taking care of around 10,000 units of high power UPS equipment in over 50 countries, supporting client activities in data processing, finance, industry, communications, aviation and defence, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

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