Australia's power landscape challenges.

For Australia’s changing power landscape Piller supplies The Power of 10, a Power Solutions Division technology blend that scales from 10MW to 300MW+.

It combines 10MW Bergen Engines’ generators with Marelli Motori alternators alongside Piller UPS and Integrated Power Conditioning + Stabilisation (IPCS).

Piller Australia’s UPS, Critical Power Modules, Flywheel Energy Storage Systems (FESS) and Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS) have unique and configurable options to meet sustainability and reliability requirements for mission and power critical workloads at unrivalled scale.

Piller’s technology range includes the UBV-UPS series for medium to large scale data centres, industrial loads, mining applications and Microgrids (1.2MW-3.42MW in a single module); the Uniblock UBT (from 150kW to 50MW); CPM – Critical Power Modules with Flywheel energy store (225kW to 2.4MW).

Piller’s Medium Voltage UPS delivers multiple advantages

A new energy mix in Australia is creating less stability, less headroom and in some cases causing capacity concerns in the network. In such an environment where more renewables are coming on stream, eliminating losses becomes a priority.

One often missed important aspect of the new power being generated through renewables is that is it typically connected at medium voltage. Medium voltage transmission means less loss over distance.

Once at the facility level this means infrastructure choices become even more important. Here the ability to operate at medium voltage provides a multitude of advantages.

Single entity UPS solutions like the Piller UB-V series incorporate native medium voltage magnetics designed at the desired utility voltage class, with a single low loss transformation to the low voltage energy store only.

Low voltage has many limitations. Medium voltage does not, enabling larger power systems with lower losses. Medium voltage UPS enables various large power system designs including parallel redundant, isolated redundant and also isolated parallel. Medium voltage UPS and energy store interfaces better with medium voltage renewables.

Piller’s advanced UB-V UPS series systems can save on space and capital infrastructure costs. They can operate at low or medium voltage levels to give greater flexibility in scheme design.

Across Australia many energy intensive industries including manufacturing, digital infrastructure, and mining have already grasped the advantages of operating at Medium Voltage in large scale facilities.

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About Piller

Piller was founded in Hamburg, Germany in 1909 by engineer Anton Piller. Employing around 1000 people worldwide, Piller is headquartered in Osterode, near Hanover, Germany, with subsidiaries across Europe, the Americas and Australasia. Piller is committed to creating a sustainable future in mission-critical power protection, and energy storage.

The Piller group is a wholly owned subsidiary of the multi-disciplined global UK engineering and industrial group, Langley Holdings plc and is part of Langley Holdings’ Power Solutions division.

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