Airports and Aviation

The efficient day-to-day operation of a modern airport relies upon the continuous availability of quality power; whether it is 400Hz or 28VDC power for aircraft and maintenance hangars, or 50Hz uninterruptible power for runway lighting, terminals and instrument landing systems.

Piller power aircraft on the apron and protect critical airport electrical systems with the most reliable power sources available.

Piller continues to ensure that many world airlines, airports and military assets receive the highest level of protection at all times, with electrical and electronic systems supported by the most reliable power sources available.

Piller’s UPS and ground support systems cover the entire scale of airport operations, from runway lighting, terminals and maintenance hangars to instrument landing systems, display boards and aircraft ground power.

Power to Proceed – More than 1000 installations of GPU equipment worldwide...

400 Hz Frequency Converters

In the field of 400Hz frequency converters, Piller’s ground power equipment such as APOJET AJS, APOJET AJR and APOJET AJT can be found in operation at major airports and military air bases throughout the world. Piller provides tailor-made solutions for each project. Through continuous research and development a high level of flexibility is guaranteed in meeting clients’ requirements. All Piller ground power equipment is designed and built to the highest quality


The 28 V DC solid state ground power unit is designed to generate 28VDC power for aircraft equipment. The system is available either as stationary or mobile version. 

Gatebox AJT 90-180kVA

The APOJET AJT step down transformer (Gatebox) is designed to step down the high 400Hz transmission voltage supplied by a centralised Ground Power System.

APOCOIL Cable Storage System

The APOCOIL cable reeler system stores 400Hz power cables at boarding ridges and aprons by using a motor driven coiling drum. The system is mounted either under the front end of the boarding bridge, on top of a frequency converter or on a support stand on the apron. 

Rotary UNIBLOCK™ UPS up to 40MVA

The UNIBLOCK is a key contributor in providing seamless power to your business systems and processes, providing independence from utility power and disturbances on the supply network. UNIBLOCK™ simply provides confidence in delivering business on schedule day after day, year after year. 

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