Isolated Parallel (IP) System Configuration

The isolated-parallel system uniquely enables the advantages of combining isolated-redundant and parallel-redundant UPS configurations offering outstanding maintainability and unique fault tolerance characteristics in data centre applications where high operational efficiencies are critical and minimising space requirement and maximising return on capital are of the highest priority.

By reducing the redundant UPS units to a minimum and avoiding systems which run in the standby mode the IP system is an excellent choice for optimising the combination of redundancy, resilience and cost.

IP-Bus features
Highest levels of resilience achieved at significantly reduced capital costs (Tier III Scheme Approved by Uptime Institute)
Modules operating at near optimised efficiency (c.97%) resulting in significant annual Operation Expenditure savings
System naturally balances in all conditions and avoids unnecessary switchgear operations under fault conditions
Allows Low Voltage deployment up to 20MW
Systems capable of modular expansion to meet growth needs
Over 500MVA of Piller IP Bus systems deployed globally to date