Piller UB-V Series UPS power and protection for Hyperscale Data Centres

In January 2020 Piller unveiled its state-of-the-art UNIBLOCK™ UB-V UPS range specifically designed to meet the demands for power stability, flexibility and scalability in hyperscale and large data centre environments.

UB-V Electrically Coupled (EC) UPS units are the world’s largest single module battery-backed UPS solution when delivered VRLA and lithium-ion ready or with Piller PowerBridge flywheel kinetic energy storage. 

The UB-V range can be configured to work efficiently with renewable and alternative sustainable energy sources.

Piller UB-V EC UPS units are packed with advanced features including an extended power range and newly developed technologies. 

These include a new architecture, control platform, self-diagnostics and the addition of the eVENTLOG monitoring and maintenance package.

Electrically Coupled UB-V series UPS features and benefits

  • The UB-V series unit’s power ratings range from 1.0MW / 1.10MVA to 3.240MW / 3.60MVA in both battery and kinetic energy storage versions, making them ideal for large scale deployment. 
  • Piller UB-V solutions are designed for renewable and sustainable energy sources with bi-directional power flow for feeding energy back to the grid. 
  • Online mode efficiencies are typically higher than those for static UPS in the operating range above 35% – thereby reducing energy costs without compromising protection. 
  • The UB-V series utilises fewer components which helps reduce related component wear on parts such as power capacitors.
  • The scale of Piller’s UB-V units removes the need for unit paralleling to achieve higher power ratings. 
  • The UB-V Series comprises a single-entity building block concept to match cloud scale IT demand by providing operators with a capital and energy efficient alternative to sprawling multiple static UPS offerings. 

Condensing the multiple paralleled solutions of other technologies into a single unit, cuts cost and increases reliability in large data centre mission-critical environments.

UB-V UPS units with a battery power source compare favourably with battery backed static systems by providing efficiency of up to 98% at 100% load and 97% at 50% load. This compares with common static which typically operates at 96.3% at 50% and 100% loads.

Across the world, hyperscale and wholesale data centre operators are using Piller scalable UPS technology for provisioning stable, reliable, conditioned power and protection at the heart of their power chain. 

They are joining a growing number of of data centre operators choosing Piller for power at scale in sectors including healthcarebankingcommunicationsairports and industrials

Piller plans to offer 5.0MW “single-entity” medium voltage solutions by 2025 and up to 10.0MW by the end of the decade in a collaboration with Italian motor and generator producer, Marelli Motori

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