UB-V Series High Performance UPS range for large scale deployments

The latest Piller UB-V UPS series range is packed with new features, benefits and technology advances including new architecture, control platform and self-diagnostics

UB-V UPS single units range from 1MW to 3.24MW in a single module. They scale to tens of MW needed to meet the requirements of cloud hyperscale build outs, power provision in wholesale colocation and large enterprise deployments.

UB-V UPS solutions deliver capital investment savings, total cost of ownership savings and operational efficiency which can save millions of dollars in energy costs over years of operations. 

UB-V UPS is designed to work well with renewable energy sources

Flexible power protection

Piller UB-V solutions are designed for renewable and sustainable energy sources with bi-directional power flow for feeding energy back to the grid. Online mode efficiencies are typically higher than those for static UPS in the operating range above 35% – thereby reducing energy costs without compromising protection.

Next-generation technology offers up to 98% efficiency, self-monitoring and zero maintenance downtime, centred around an all-new control platform four years in the developing.  With few moving parts UB-V Electrically Coupled UPS can run for years with little intrusive maintenance and no routine shutdowns. 

Available with Lithium-ion and VLRA battery storage options as well as kinetic energy technology solutions.

A 48MW data centre equipped with UB-V EC UPS can save more than $7 million in electricity costs over ten years

Providing stable power at scale

⇒1MW to 3.24MW single units
⇒98% full load efficiency 
⇒97% half load efficiency 
⇒Advanced control system 
⇒No routine maintenance shutdown
⇒20% smaller footprint than comparable static UPS 
⇒Suitable for renewable energy sources

Operations - Unrivalled operational efficiency of UB-V series

UB-V UPS with a battery power source compares favourably with battery backed static systems by providing efficiency of up to 98% at 100% load and 97% at 50% load. This compares with common static which typically operates at 96.3% at 50% and 100% loads. 

UB-V Electrically Coupled UPS works well with renewable and sustainable energy sources for bi-directional power flow feeding energy back to the grid

Electrically Coupled UB-V series UPS benefits

The six Battery backed UB-V series units power ratings range from 1MW to 3.2MW making them ideal for large scale deployments. 

The naturally generated EC UPS works well with renewable and sustainable energy sources and is capable of offering bi-directional power flow for feeding energy back to the grid.

On-line mode efficiencies are higher than synthesized UPS in the operating range above 35%, energy use costs are reduced without compromising protection. 

Reduced component count and related elimination component wear such as power capacitors

The scale of the UB-V units removes the need for unit paralleling to achieve higher power ratings. 

Removing the need for paralleling also provides better reliability and higher availability in the power string in large data centres.

For more on the UB-V Series high performance UPS range including details Power; Rating; Voltage/Frequency and physical Dimensions of the different modules please download flyer below. New brochure available soon. For further information email UBVseries@piller.com 

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JAN 14TH 2020

Piller Unveil new UB-V Platform for Data Centre