Piller powers large scale enterprise data centres

For the world’s largest organisations a single enterprise data centre can scale to 40-50MW of capacity. Companies requiring the highest levels of power conditioning, back up and energy storage at scale in their enterprise data centres can rely on Piller technology. 

Piller supplies, installs and maintains power infrastructure for some of the world’s most mission critical facilities. Piller works closely with enterprise customers providing data centre power infrastructure design, deployment, commissioning and support which deliver the highest levels of provision and protection. 

Enterprise data centres (also known as on premises data centres) are designed to support the data operations of a single organisation. As privately owned capital assets each enterprise data centre has unique features which are custom designed to match specific customer requirements. Piller knows that every enterprise data centre is unique to the business that owns and operates it. 

Piller’s technology advances in UPS, transfer, back up and storage ensure continuous, efficient operation of vital data centre assets.

Data is the life blood of every business and Piller engineers maintain and support enterprise data centre customers in banking, health, communications, broadcasting and in public sector and defence organisations.

Piller has supplied power infrastructure to the large-scale enterprise data centre market for many decades. With technology that operates reliability over decades Piller is renowned for its long-term deep customer engagement. 

Across its entire product range Piller is committed to providing highly efficient electrical equipment to support sustainable operations for large enterprise data centres.

Piller’s technology advances in UPS, Transfer, back up and storage ensure continuous, efficient operation of vital data centre assets. 

For large scale data centres Piller’s latest UB-V Electrically Coupled UPS range will provide decades of capital efficient, energy-efficient, low maintenance power protection with single modules ranging from 1MW-3.24MW.  

Every day Piller technology ensures the highest level of efficiency, reliability, availability and flexibility to large scale enterprise data centre customers across the world. 

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