UNIBLOCK UBR - Hybrid Rotary UPS from 150 kVA up to 1300 kVA

Hybrid Rotary UPS from 150 kVA up to 1300 kVA

A Piller Uninterruptible Power Supply System (UPS) provides the essential cover and peace of mind, to ensure mains disturbances don’t have a major impact on a business. As the world’s leading manufacturer of large scale UPS solutions, Piller has thousands of systems installed around the globe, providing major industries with the power protection they need.

The IT sector is changing rapidly and today’s UPS technologies must have the capability to meet the needs of tomorrow. In recent years the design requirements of UPS power for data centres has grown and now demands the highest possible levels of reliability combined with significantly reduced levels of maintenance and intervention. These additional demands are readily met by Piller’s unique rotary technology.

 The UNIBLOCK by virtue of its low output impedance inherently delivers fault current of 14 times the nominal full load. Offering fault current delivery similar to the systems utility transformer, security is provided even when utility power is not available to the site. This guarantees disconnection of a downstream fault within 10 milliseconds, without going to an unprotected bypass source, if available, as required by other UPS systems! With UNIBLOCK during fault clearing, full UPS function – including battery operation – is maintained and remaining loads are unaffected. The UNIBLOCK UBR assures that a localised fault won’t take out the entire data centre.





  • Hybrid UPS from 150kVA up to 40MVA

  • Leading and lagging output power factor without derating

  • Water cooling available using building's chilled water

  • Unlimited crest factor

  • Inherent fault clearing ability for short circuit faults without bypass

  • Very high efficiency

  • Virtual unity input power factor

  • Sinusoidal input power factor

UNIBLOCK™ UBR features
Full galvanic isolation for independently earthed systems
Internal redundancy for optimum reliability
Unique dual diversified input capability
Voltage and frequency control for synchronised systems
Adaptability for changes in load demands such as leading power factor

With many years’ international experience in providing high-performance power protection systems, Piller’s UNIBLOCK™ UBR technology is based on superior expertise. Its unique concept combines high performance motor generator construction with straightforward power bridging, controlled by the latest processor technology.

This approach to UPS design has repeatedly proven to be the best choice when compromise is not an option.

Innovation for your benefit

The Piller UNIBLOCK™ combines a motor and a generator in a single, three-phase synchronous unit. During construction, the windings of both components are incorporated in a shared stator and are excited by a common rotor. The energy transfer from the motor to the generator takes place via direct magnetic coupling without loss and without electro-mechanical conversion, in turn providing electrical (galvanic) isolation between the mains supply and the load.

Feature Benefit
Very high reliability Higher availability and reduced risk to your loads
High inherent fault clearing capacity Rapid disconnection of faulty loads is possible even in battery operation. No by-pass supply needs to be present, which is necessary for static systems and reduces the risk of outages to critical load.
Higher efficiency Reduces operating costs and minimises the total cost of ownership of the UPS system.
No power capacitors or electric fans Reduces maintenance costs and more importantly removes the risk of unplanned failure of these components.
Full galvanic isolation Independent earthing systems are easily implemented avoiding circulating currents and erratic discrimination without the need for additional isolation transformers – this reduces system complexity, improves efficiency and gives cost and space savings.
Near unity input power factor Power factor protection is not required saving capital and maintenance costs.
No crest factor limit Capable of delivering high peak currents for harmonic loads.
Water cooled option Direct coupled cooling eliminates the need for air-conditioning, saving space, cost and removing the need for additional maintenance overheads.
Full voltage and frequency control UBR is the only UPS to offer rotary characteristics combined with double conversion allowing synchronization for Tier 3 and Tier 4 requirements
Redundant power conditioning paths The UPS can be fed from different sources via separate power conditioning paths which can dramatically increase scheme reliability.
Natural sine wave generation The UPS output is a pure, natural sine wave that gives you a future-proofed UPS for ever-changing IT loads
A damper cage for filtering harmonics No additional harmonic filtering required; improves efficiency, saves space and cost.
Capable of active change in redundancy status Optimising the UPS system based on the actual loads, giving higher levels of efficiency reducing risk to load.
Extremely low AC battery ripple Lower AC ripple (compared with static) extends the service life of the battery.
Low internal sub-transient reactance Clean voltage sine wave reducing voltage distortion for high harmonic loads, 4 reduces the need for harmonic filters, saving money
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