Samsung choose Piller

A company with a global reputation for cutting-edge electronics expertise has turned to Piller technology to ensure it keeps ahead of the game.

Siltronic Samsung Wafer (SSW) produces ultra-pure silicon wafers of 300 mm in diameter that are the heart of modern micro and nanoelectronics. Its plant in Singapore is in production 24/7 and the company simply cannot comprehend a break in the power supply.

It has installed two UNIBLOCK UBT machines and ordered two more to make certain there are no power glitches in the manufacturing process.

SSW is a ground-breaking joint venture between electronics giant Samsung, and Siltronic, a brand leader for making wafers. They are the first 300mm wafer production fab in Singapore and the first outside Germany and Japan to house their own 300mm crystal growing facility.

They are naturally delighted with the Piller purchase.

Complex electrical and electronic processes govern the manufacturer of goods. To remain competitive in a global market, firms need continuous 24-hour production. In some cases large-scale power demands need only short-term ride-through and stabilisation. In other cases, aggressive industrial loads need UPS with high peak handling, or large site distribution at medium voltage.

SSW is using Piller for the compensation of the reactive power. This means the load power factor is around 0,45 and by placing the UBT between the load and the mains, the power factor at the mains side (UBT input) will be improved to almost 1. Besides that, UBT can protect the load against mains outages for several seconds.

UNIBLOCK UBT has a high load-carrying capacity and a robust, highly-efficient design. It offers a truly green solution for medium to high power applications, resulting in minimised losses and low running costs. And it guarantees lower operating costs through simple cyclic maintenance on site; elimination of air-conditioning; reduced space requirement; extremely high electrical efficiency and long-term reliability.

Piller has been producing electrical machines of the highest quality for more than 100 years and is the most respected name in its field, producing high performance power protection systems and converters. Based in Germany, it has a number of regional offices, representatives and distributors worldwide. Piller is a wholly owned subsidiary of the multi-disciplined global UK engineering group, Langley Holdings plc. (