Piller shares the load with resounding success

High efficiency central converter systems to dramatically reduce environmental impact at major Saudi airport.

It has been reported that Airports can be some of the world’s main sources of air pollution, their daily activities contributing significantly to pollution levels, with concomitant negative effects upon the health of local residents.

With reports of CO2 emissions being responsible for significant increases in the rates of asthma and other respiratory conditions, it is considered diesel-driven ground support equipment may also be a significant contributor to pollution, especially during aircraft turnaround on the apron.

While electric versions of machines such as pushback tugs, tractors and belt loaders are now available, the majority of electrical aircraft power supply is still generated by diesel-driven GPUs.

The Piller Solution

With fixed converter installations negatively disturbing the smooth turnaround operation, Piller's centralised systems, with distribution via in-ground systems; were recently supplied to Jeddah Airport's apron renovation project with resounding success.

Each Apron has its own 400Hz central system located in a dedicated technical room, supplying directly the correspondent parking positions. For each outlet, a line voltage regulator ensures that the voltage at each aircraft plug remains within the required tight tolerance band. Dependent on load, the regulator is able to automatically compensate for up to 14% of the voltage drop occurring naturally at 400Hz in the distribution cables. The 400Hz distribution runs from the technical room to each 400Hz pit in dedicated duct banks and manholes.

These central systems, handling aircraft loads of 90kW per connector for A380, B787, A350, have been designed with a high diversity factor and with the requirements of future aircraft firmly in mind.

Reducing environmental impact remains a crucial issue for the aircraft industry. The central converter system, with its load sharing capability, ensures efficiency in power consumption at each apron, operating only as many converters as are allowed at any one time. For further infromation email info@piller.com

Piller provides the aviation industry with a complete range of frequency convertors and UPS systems.

About Piller

Piller is a world leader in power protection technology, building systems for mission critical applications world-wide. Clients include many of the world’s leading banks and financial institutions, broadcasters, telecommunication networks and numerous other prestigious organizations. The company is headquartered in Hanover in Germany and was founded in 1909 by Anton Piller. Today Piller is a division of Langley Holdings PLC (www.langleyholdings.com) the privately owned UK based industrial group. Piller employs over 800 people worldwide, with subsidiaries in the Americas, Australasia, Asia and Europe.