Data centres as power producers set to be top of this year’s news agenda

2024 looks set to be the year when data centers get serious about Microgrids

Data centers finding ways to secure power for new developments at scale – (i.e. at 10s or 100s of MWs) has been discussed since the pandemic of 2020-2021 and the energy crisis of 2022-2023 caused turmoil across the world.

It was interesting to note that Peter Judge, the respected industry watcher and executive editor at Datacenterdynamics chose his first op ed column of 2024 to address how: A microgrid could turn you into a power company…..and it might just help build good relationships with your neighbours

In the period between 2020 and 2023 forward looking companies sought to develop and bring viable microgrid solutions to market that would provide a long term road map to power sustainability and security.

At the heart of this new power paradigm will be Microgrids and on-site generation.

Data centres especially have been spoken about as strong candidates as large energy users who could become energy providers. There are and will be many aspects to any transition, but Piller believes this will be a growing industry trend.

Last year Dr Zaki Slgini, Global MD at Piller Power Systems, set out his vision for how Microgrids will fill the power gap for industrial users and large data centres

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