Power Solutions Division Renewable Hybrid Modular Microgrids technologies is not a turnkey solution. Instead, it is an integrated modular approach which provides significant advantages through Genset/Engine, Alternator, Stabilisation, Conditioning, Storage supplied as a fully integrated set of components or individual elements of Microgrids.

For grid connected  Microgrid mode Piller technology  protects against brown outs and instability of main grid supply. It synchronises  the Microgrid and main grid providing advantages for planned coupling and decoupling.

Of equal importance in both grid connected  and island mode this technology also protects and stabilises the power supply when switching between intermittent RER primary sources, when moving from RERs over to battery storage or kinetic ride through and back again.

For Microgrid power quality, fast start responsiveness of the engines is very important to supply the required power in response to load consumption peaks and troughs at times of main grid capacity constraints such as load shedding or peak shaving.

Grid forming advantages

Grid forming: Creating a stable frequency, voltage and amplitude.

Grid forming aids autonomous operation.

By providing constant Short Circuit Ratio (SCR) system strength is increased and system perturbations and disturbances reduced.

Providing SCR strength is easier to achieve with a system  such  as  the   Power    Solutions    Division’s that  is agnostic   to   whatever  power  source the grid  is operating on.

It aids fault management in a reliable manner.

The units all have known response times and can interact with each other in a stable manner.

Power Solutions Division technologies inject and absorb power to keep a stable frequency so response when the load changes is consistent and fast.

Building a Microgrid on disparate components from different suppliers – e.g. solar inverters from one partner and batteries from another can present the Microgrid with unknown and unpredictable response speeds to changes.

The Grid Gate and Grid Stab technology can integrate an engine to the system. With an engine in the system Microgrids can black start which means if the system is entirely down without grid connection it can be powered up autonomously.

This grid gate technology acts as a ‘choke’ between utility and microgrid  which  offers many possibilities for the sub-system to import or export power and manage output.

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