Piller welcomes Uptime Institute granting Tier IV design accreditation for NEXTDC S3 Sydney data centre
NEXTDC, Australia’s leading independent data centre operator has gained Tier IV Certification of Design Documents for its S3 Data Centre in Sydney, Australia.

Using a mix of Piller UBT+2700 UPS units and the latest Piller UB-V UPS series UPSs the NEXTDC S3 facility in Sydney will run in Piller’s unique IP-Bus configuration helping it meet the required certification criteria.

S3 is Uptime Tier IV certified for Design Documents and will be Tier IV certified for Constructed Facility upon completion expected in 2022.

“The digital economy is being built on robust, reliable, efficient data centres. In power infrastructure terms Piller shares with NEXTDC a commitment and focus on quality and technical innovation. Piller strives constantly to improve our UPS technology for sustainability, reliability and economic viability. Achieving Tier IV recognition is to be celebrated and Piller is pleased our close working partnership contributed to the development of S3 and other NEXTDC data centres. The Uptime Institute’s tier certifications are globally recognised, and we congratulate NEXTDC for the well-deserved Tier IV award for its S3 facility,” said Jonathan Davis, MD, Piller Australia.

The Power scheme at the S3 facility includes: Piller’s large single entity Electrically Coupled UPS supported by MTU (Rolls Royce) engines in the proven Isolated Parallel Bus, supporting the entire site load. 100% UPS backup of the entire site including mechanical for continuous cooling.

NEXTDC is committed to building Tier IV data centres across Australia. NEXTDC’s M3 Melbourne data centre, due to be commissioned in 2022, will utilise Piller UB-V UPSs in an IP-Bus configuration.

The latest Piller UB-V UPS series

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