Large-scale manufacturing operations of high-tech components such as semiconductors depend on a constant high-quality power supply.

Increasingly such production operations are looking to hybrid renewable microgrids in the form of  “Power of 10” technology from Langley Holding’s Power Solutions Division.

This Industrial Microgrid example case study explores in detail the elements of a microgrid deployment designed to act as the primary power source for a power-intensive and quality-sensitive manufacturing process at scale.

It describes how the microgrid can couple and decouple from the main grid ensuring uninterrupted power supply using a combination of Bergen Engines, Marelli Motori, and Piller technologies to maintain voltage and frequency stability.

Key components of this advanced solution include 10MW reciprocating engines that use a blend of hydrogen and natural gas, optimized 10MW alternators, and Piller’s Integrated Power Conditioning and Stabilization (IPCS) technology with energy storage. These modules work together to provide high-quality power that exceeds the traditional power grid’s standard, making it ideal for critical manufacturing processes.

Large industrial users seeking grid independence and security in their power supply through microgrids are using the “Power of 10,” as they reshape their relationships with traditional power providers and enhance their operational resilience.

Download the case study here

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