The Power Solutions Division approach to Microgrid development is built around scalable modular, 10MW gensets that parallel to 100MW and beyond.

It is a standardised component-based approach that works with all Variable Renewable Energy Resources, with energy storage options and that provide significant advantages over traditional static, inverter and battery deployments.

Bergen Engines Medium-Speed Engines

Bergen Engines is a leading manufacturer of medium speed liquid and gas-fuelled engines and gensets. With high availability and efficiency levels, combined with excellent capability to meet quick and frequent load changes, Bergen’s engines combine perfectly with intermittent renewable energy resources that need balancing power.

For Microgrid applications Bergen’s largest single genset unit provides 11,8MW  of  power.  These 10MW+ machines can easily be paralleled in modular ‘grow as you need’ deployments to more than 100MW for large industrial clusters and campus Microgrids for any application in any environment no matter how hostile.

This makes them suitable for every type of Microgrid dedicated deployment, whether islanded or grid integrated.

By providing modular power in 10MW standard chunks using Gensets microgrid developers benefit from fast to deploy primary and back-up power which will accelerate and protect return on value.

Bergen Engines medium speed liquid fuel engines are hydrogen ready and have a clear sustainability road map from diesel to liquid natural gas (LNG) to LNG/ hydrogen blend and ultimately to pure hydrogen operation delivering zero carbon, clean, efficient power.

Bergen Engines features include:

  • Medium speed Engines provide many advantages for the Microgrid market including high efficiencyat long run times which uses less fuel.
  • Options for low load continuous running (unique to Bergen) can be applied to Microgrid projects with intermittent RER primary power.
  • Hot standby for primary grid loss.
  • Through simple paralleling Bergen engines scale to tens and even 100s of MWs.

Genset based primary powered Microgrids at tens of MW scale perfectly filling the gap between traditional large remote turbine power and local power generation for specific applications. They are not restricted to use by large energy outfits but are ideal for many emerging power intensive applications across different sectors (oil and gas, mining, large manufacturing, data centre campuses etc) which will increasingly depend on Microgrid power.

Marelli Motori Alternators

Marelli Motori has developed a new generator series to accompany Bergen Engines’ B36:45 engine series with the following advantages for Microgrids:

  • Fast Start
  • Optimized Efficiency at full and partial load
  • Model Analysis for reduced vibration and longevity

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