The Power of 10 lands at Datacenter World, Austin, Texas

Datacenter World 2023 in Austin Texas brought together the combined expertise Bergen Engines, Marelli Motori, and Piller Power Systems to share details of The Power of 10, the next generation of 10MW modular, clean, grid independent power, stabilisation and conditioning technologies.

Data center developers, design engineers, and operators were keen to explore The Power of 10 – the solution capable of providing local microgrid generated power at a scale needed for hyperscale grid independent data centers.

The Power of 10 is a modular microgrid power solution comprising multiples of 10MW “building blocks”, scalable from 30 to 300MW or more providing independent power to large-scale data centers.

For 100MW deployments the Power of 10 uses 10×10 10MW B series Bergen hydrogen ready gas engines. Bergen medium speed engines provide decades of low maintenance 24/7 operation ideal for continuous data center power baseload power.

The engines have been successfully paired with 10MW Marelli Motori alternators backed by Piller’s IPCS (Integrated Power Conditioning  + Switching technology) using 4 x 2.5MW UBV modules with a common 10MW choke for grid gate conditioning, stabilization and balancing for easily managed dynamic load response.

As multiple modules are deployed The Power of 10 provides its own redundancy ending the need for vast deployments of static UPS and battery energy  storage and MWs of high-speed generators to protect from grid outages.

The ability to build out multiples of 10MW modules on a grow as needed basis provides a low capex solution.

Dr. Zaki Slgini (Global Managing Director, Piller Group GmbH), Palaniappan Muthuraman (Managing Director, Piller Power Singapore Pte. Ltd.) and the rest of the Power Solutions team were on hand to answer customers‘ questions during the three day event.

“The level of interest in the Power of 10 innovation among the Datacenter World community was fantastic. As traditional power generation and grid distribution systems transition for a sustainable future, in Texas, across the US and around the world, the data center industry is clearly serious about investing in generating its own power and feeding power back to the main grid at significant scale. Our independent power solution is easily combined with renewable energy sources. It can provide both true grid independence and be integrated with evolving grid transmission systems,” said Zaki Slgini, Global MD, Piller Power Systems.

Ready for rapid deployment the Power of 10 is supplied by: Bergen Engines (formerly Rolls-Royce Bergen Engines) of Norway with Italian generator producer Marelli Motori and German Piller Power Systems, together they form the Power Solutions Division of the British engineering group, Langley Holdings plc

The Piller Team.

Bergen Engines, formerly Rolls-Royce Bergen Engines, of Norway provide modular Microgrid power solutions in collaboration with sister companies Marelli Motori of Italy and Piller Power Systems of Germany.

Now part of the Power Solutions Division of British engineering group Langley Holdings plc, our Microgrid offering meets immediate and future power requirements with a modular solution that is scalable, rapidly deployable and cost-effective.

Seamless integration of primary power and electricity generation combined with Integrated Power Conditioning & Switching (IPCS) technology, provides total or partial grid independence, either stand-alone or in conjunction with renewables.

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