Industrial Process

The face of industry is changing faster than ever. Rapid growth in demand for industrial power as the cost of energy rises, presents a challenge to manufacturing competitiveness and productivity where continuous output is vital.

Industry needs UPS solutions that are highly reliable, efficient, adaptable and able to cope with any load profile, system configuration or ride through requirement. Piller provides solutions that meet every conceivable industrial scenario.

Throughout the world, manufacturers actively seeking to conserve the environment through greater energy efficiency have naturally adopted Piller solutions for its renowned reliability, efficiency and flexibility. 

Over 90% of Germany’s top ‘Dax 30’ companies chose Piller systems to protects their processes.

Rotary UNIBLOCK™ UPS up to 40MVA

The UNIBLOCK is a key contributor in providing seamless power to your business systems and processes, providing independence from utility power and disturbances on the supply network. UNIBLOCK™ simply provides confidence in delivering business on schedule day after day, year after year. 

Static UPS from 3kVA – 400kVA

Complex computer centres, automated production plants and other critical applications make high demands on UPS systems, as power supply failures can have catastrophic results. Non-linear loads therefore have to be handled as safely as shock loads and overloads such as those caused by power surges. When it comes to the security and economy of a UPS system, there is no room for compromise. The Piller Static UPS meets the highest requirements of a secure power supply and at the same time is very economical.

Critical Power Modules (CPM)

The Piller Critical Power Module (CPM) topology is designed to deliver optimum performance combined with all of the operational features demanded by the modern data centre. The module houses its own energy storage with sufficient guaranteed capacity for delayed transition to standby generators.