Italy’s largest solar panel maker 3Sun deploys Piller’s latest UPS technology

Piller UB-V UPS combined with kinetic energy storage at 3Sun’s Sicily photovoltaic gigafactory.

The company chose Piller for an upgrade to its power protection and back-up infrastructure using the latest UB-V UPS technology backed with POWERBRIDGE™ energy storage.

For a total critical load of 5MW power protection is based on 2xUBV2700 units (2.7MW each) vertical axis rotary UPS systems. Piller UPS system will protect both the critical load and an already installed Bergen cogeneration system thus guaranteeing the factory can continue running in island mode operation in case of grid brown out.

The use of the UB-V UPS delivers medium voltage protection which also improves performance by cutting power losses compared to a LV solution. The Piller UBV system in PCD configuration is able to remain connected to the network for up to 200 milliseconds, even with a 100% loss.

This means more than 86% of the anomalies are protected by the PCD Piller, without opening the input switch and remaining connected to the network.

Energy storage is based on Piller Powerbridge (PB60+) kinetic flywheel technology providing the ideal back up for the UPS with carbon free operation, long service life, reduced space use and low maintenance.

The 2 x 5MW Bergen engines also provide efficient heating/cooling to the factory. The combination of UB-V and Powerbridge provide a 20-year high performance solution with a small physical footprint.

UB-V UPS and kinetic energy storage provides vital power protection to Italy’s leading solar panel maker.

About Piller
Piller was founded in Hamburg, Germany in 1909 by engineer Anton Piller. Employing around 1000 people worldwide, Piller is headquartered in Osterode, near Hanover, Germany, with subsidiaries across Europe, the Americas and Australasia. Piller is committed to creating a sustainable future in mission-critical power protection, and energy storage.

The Piller group is a wholly owned subsidiary of the multi-disciplined global UK engineering and industrial group, Langley Holdings plc and is  part of Langley Holdings’ Power Solutions division.

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