Protecting global pharmaceutical production

Pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities operated by the world’s largest drug companies rely on Piller UPS, convertor, stabiliser and energy storage technologies for power protection. 

Pharma fermentation, liquid formulation manufacture, vaccine production and tablet and capsule making that produces hundreds of billions of pills and vaccines each year needs multiple megawatts of protected power.

Inside giant factories, stable power at scale runs the continuous operation of vital environmental control systems, air handling units and data centres. 

Piller also supplies power protection to research and innovation centres at forefront of producing branded & generic formulations, biotechnology products, Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs), vaccines, biosimilars, and specific niche technologies.

“The world’s largest and most trusted pharmaceutical companies use Piller rotary power generation”

And it doesn’t stop there. In drug manufacturing Operations Technology and IT are converging. Pharmaceutical manufacturing and distribution are becoming increasingly digitally controlled. 

In new manufacturing facilities, innovations in production line end-to-end automation and advances in continuous manufacturing are raising the power protection requirement. 

Newer automation technologies are behind requirements for power stability and conditioning across different ratings from low to medium to high scale. 

“Losing electricity for even a few seconds can stop production, lead to contamination and result in compliance failures”

Across the supply chain, companies are deploying IoT and supporting IT systems to track and trace products right through to distributors and even end-users across the world. a

Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Regulatory Compliance

The world’s largest and most trusted pharmaceutical companies use Piller power conditioning, UPS protection, battery-backed and kinetic energy storage solutions. 

Reliable power protection enables manufacturing that must adhere to the world’s strictest compliance and regulatory regimes as overseen by the US Federal Drugs Agency (USFDA) and European Medicines Agency (EMA).

In pharmaceutical industrial applications, new technology deployment poses corresponding UPS challenges” 

Drug manufacturing processes rely on energy-intensive applications such as data centres, air handling units and environmental control systems that need continuous power. 

Maintaining product quality and avoiding the importation of impurities is a major concern in drug manufacturing. Maintaining air pressure is a vital part of running every drug factory. Pressurisation ensures against contamination and importation of impurities. 

Losing electricity for even a few seconds can stop production, lead to contamination and result in compliance failures. 

Modern pharmaceutical manufacture increasingly relies on high levels of computing processor power. This means reliable power is also needed for data capture of environmental monitoring system operation and performance for regulatory compliance. 

Piller Products

Piller UB-V Electrically Coupled UPS Series
Piller’s UB-V Series, with state-of-the-art technology, is a highly flexible and reliable electrically coupled UPS system. UB-V UPS series highly scalable single units range from 1MW to 3.24MW and are easily paralleled to deliver more than 40MW of power protection.

In the increasingly advanced world of industrial automation, power fluctuations or failures in production lines, and resetting complex manufacturing processes are high risk. Piller UB-V UPS systems are configured to precise manufacturing specifications, ensuring continuous clean power to keep systems running in any power-adverse conditions.

The UB-V provides the highest efficiency, performance and reliability with minimum components and combines the benefits of all different power supply configurations for short term or long-term bridging, with standby generation or with cogeneration. Ideal for use at low and medium voltage operations the UB-V UPS series works equally well with battery or flywheel ride through energy storage options.

“Evolving automation technologies and techniques mean pharmaceutical base manufacturing capacity needs for power flexibility over a facility’s lifetime with assured high levels of uptime is increasing” 

In pharmaceutical industrial applications, new technology deployment poses corresponding UPS challenges and issues associated with load changes, harmonic isolation, ambient conditions and power wastage are more potentially damaging than ever. Read More 

“Piller clients run the world’s biggest pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities in Europe, Asia and US”

Piller Powerbridge Flywheel Energy Storage
Piller is a market leader in kinetic energy storage ranging up to 60MJ per unit. The Piller POWERBRIDGE™ storage systems have unique design techniques employed to provide high energy content with low losses. 

These energy stores can be configured singularly or in parallel with a variety of Piller UPS units to facilitate a wide range of power-time combinations. Read More

Advances in Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

Innovative advances in automation are improving productivity at every stage of the pharmaceutical making process. 

Companies are using sensor technology to connect different operational units to optimise end-to-end flow in factories. This delivers both tighter control and performance improvements. 

“Piller is a trusted partner and supplier of power protection equipment to the pharmaceutical industry across the world.”

The use of the Industrial Internet of Things (IioT), which relies on a stable power supply at ratings from 250kW to many MW, has the potential to fundamentally change how medicines are made by reducing waste and providing a better-quality product. Connections, data capture and monitoring are improving upstream supply chain efficiencies, enabling smart manufacturing processes, and streamlining distribution to the end-user

Evolving technologies and techniques mean base manufacturing capacity needs power flexibility over a facility’s lifetime with assured high levels of uptime. 

Piller focuses on establishing long term partnerships because it understands that building a facility and providing vital utility infrastructure for pharmaceutical manufacturing represents a company’s single biggest cost and is heavily regulated from the start.